All Insurance Agencies Should Utilize Texting For This One Reason

By Kelsey Rosauer on August 27, 2015 in Online Marketing

Texting Your Agent

Agents: Take note of Facebook's "M" Service

Facebook is in the testing stages of a service called "M" that users can utilize through Facebook's Messenger app. It looks like this:

Facebook M Messenger Service

Image: Facebook

As you can see, "M" can help you do just about anything. It's like having another friend. So why should insurance agents/agencies take note? Because Facebook has acted upon one thing that every company already knows: instant gratification.

Facebook knows that when an idea pops into our head, we want answers immediately and we want to act upon it. No, insurance agents shouldn't help their clients make dinner reservations or buy baby shoes, but they should see the kinds of service they could be offering their clients. Here's just a few ideas of what agents/agencies could provide their clients through a mobile application or text messaging:

  • Simple account information. Your clients could opt-in to receive text messages that tell them a couple days prior to when their account is charged for their monthly premium. 
  • Request a new policy/coverage. Your clients could send a quick notification to you letting you know what kind of policy/coverage they're looking for, and you could reach out accordingly.
  • Alerts/notifications. Your clients and prospects could opt-in to receive notifications on the status of their policies during the application process. 

These are only a few examples of what you could do with a mobile app and/or text messaging. The point is: provide instant gratification where you can. How many friends do you have that would rather text rather than call or look something up on the internet vs. calling the business? Probably a lot. You still want to call and meet in person with those that prefer that, but take note from Facebook's "M" and make sure you're also meeting the needs of those who want the information right at their fingertips.

To learn more about how you can market to the modern insurance consumer, check out this book:

Modern Insurance Consumer Marketing

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