4 Ways to Expand Your Facebook Reach

How to Expand Your Facebook Reach

It's getting a little crowded in here.

Since signing up for a Facebook account probably about 10 years ago, the atmosphere has changed a lot. It used to be all about our profiles, then it was all about sharing our own feelings and content, and now it's about sharing our own feelings on others' content (everyone has that ONE friend on Facebook..).

In all seriousness, there's just a ton of content out there. In fact, more than 30 billion pieces of content are shared each month (including web links, news stories, posts, photos, etc.). To add to that, 30 million businesses now have a Facebook page, and 1.5 million of those are spending money on Facebook ads.

So, how can your agency compete with the noise?

We have a few tips for you that you can quickly implement and try out for yourself:

1.  Share your blogs regularly. Having a blog on your website is more important than you think: "78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them." The modern insurance consumer is looking for more than good rates; they want to have a meaningful relationship with their agent. Taking a couple hours a week to even post one blog is a great place to start, showing you care about educating your clients and prospects further than your one-on-one meetings. But how does this help your Facebook reach? Share the blogs you're posting on your website directly to your Facebook page, and watch your clients start to "like" and hopefully even share your content. Then, their friends will see it and hopefully share it. You'll begin to gain a few likes here and there, and that will only increase the more you post. 

2.  Share others' content. Just like writing your own content is important, sharing others' content is equally as important. There's something called the 4-1-1 Rule that I find to be helpful: "for every self-serving tweet [or post], you should retweet one relevant tweet and most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others." If all you are ever doing is sharing your own content, readers won't appreciate that. It's best to converse and share others' content that you find to be relevant. It shows that you're engaged and educated in your industry. And, it will expand your Facebook reach by engaging a larger audience. When you share someone else's content on Facebook, tag them in it & share what you find to be important about the piece. You'll strike up a conversation with that author, and they might decide to "like" your page. If they do, you'll most likely get others "liking" your page from their audience.

3.  Use Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights is a tool you can use to see the health of your Facebook page, so to speak. You can find it by going to your agency/company's page, and then clicking the "Insights" tab at the top of the page. You can see your page "likes" and your post reach & engagement, among other things. We like to look at insights about our posts so that we know which topics are performing well, and which ones might be good contenders for boosting (which we'll get to in tip #4). When we look at the posts below, we see that the 3rd post from the top performed considerably better than the rest. So, we know this topic resonated with our audience and that it might be a good post to promote to an audience outside just our followers (thus expanding our reach!).

How to Expand Your Facebook Reach

4.  Use Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads (also called promoted posts) are a great way to get your content in front of a much larger audience than just your followers. Facebook allows you to create a "look-a-like" audience that matches closely to your followers. So, if you know that your content is resonating with your current followers, this is a perfect next step. If you haven't tried Facebook Ads and want to just get a feel for it, you could start with simply boosting a post to your current followers and their friends. It's super simple to set up, and you can keep it as inexpensive as you want: 

How to Expand Your Facebook Reach

You'll Never Know Until You Try

If you've never used these tools or written a blog, this can absolutely seem overwhelming. But, in the wise words of Winston Churchill: "To improve is to change; to perfect is to change often." 

So, jump in and try out some new techniques to expand your Facebook reach. If you're feeling extra adventurous, check out the book we wrote about communicating with the Modern Insurance Consumer. You'll learn more helpful tips about Facebook, and you'll also learn about email marketing and offline communications with today's insurance consumer. We know it's a changing world out there, and we want to help you navigate it. You can get the book two ways:

  1. As a Kindle ebook on Amazon.
  2. For free as part of an educational email series where you'll receive extra content to help you create better communications for your clients and prospects.

We always hope you find our content helpful and educational, and we welcome conversation. What do you think? How have you expanded your Facebook reach?

Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on June 10, 2015 in Online Marketing

Kelsey is the Marketing Brand Specialist at AgencyBloc. She plans and creates educational resources to help our customers organize, automate & grow their insurance agency. Favorite quote: "I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it." —Charles R. Swindoll  More articles


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