They're Talking, Are You Listening?

Twitter Social Listening

We have been talking about using social media to promote and build your business, focusing on creating strong profiles and sharing content to show your knowledge of the industry. But how can you start conversations and connect with your clients and prospects?

Let’s look at Twitter. Twitter is a constant feed of new tweets, so catching content in your feed can be tough. Luckily, Twitter search is a great way to find topics or a specific handle quickly.

Looking for specific topics can be called social listening. You are looking for certain topics to ‘hear’ what is being said about it and then may be able to respond and help educate prospects and clients. It may also give you ideas on what to blog about to create more in-depth content than just a simple social response.

I went ahead and did a few searches to see what is being said about insurance and what people are struggling with understanding. I found some great examples of people asking for insurance recommendations, complaining about bad customer service and wondering what their insurance covered. I also found examples of insurance agencies joining in the conversation, a client showing respect for their agency and another business suggesting insurance for their customers.

Need an Insurance Agent

Here are some customers seeking opinions on insurance agents. Preferably, you would have a client answer, but this is your chance to show your customer-centric side. They clearly are looking to make a change, so introduce yourself to see if you are a good fit. Perhaps they aren’t in an area you cover, so make a recommendation for them. This goes a long way in your credibility showing you are willing to assist and they will remember that.

Reference #1

Reference #2

Reference #3

Bad Experience

If you see a client that is having a bad experience, this is a chance to swoop in and lend a hand that may lead you to a new client. This example is showing someone who can’t seem to get a hold of their insurance agent, which we have discussed before is vital to client retention, so here’s your chance to step in and ask them what they are having issues with and see if you can assist.

Bad Experience

What is covered?

Now we have people taking to Twitter to find out if they are covered for certain instances. Sure, they could call the insurance company and ask or call your office. But they want answers now, so they take to social media. With these, you can lend a hand if you are knowledgeable in the coverage and let them know what you think. You make have to ask a few questions to understand their insurance, but starting a conversation is a good thing—it shows you are there and listening!

Covered #1

Covered #2

Covered #3  

Join the Conversation

These agencies and agents joined in the conversation with a simple post about their services that aren’t overly pushy but show they are willing to connect with people on Twitter and they are offering a different level of connection with their client base.

Joining #1

Joining #2

Getting a Shout Out

Being present on social gives your clients a chance to give you a shout out when they are happy and actually connect it to you. I know I am more likely to give kudos to a company that I know is on social when I have a good experience, and so is this example. This millennial had a good experience learning about their coverage options and let the company know and shared a link to the coverage options. This is an example of user-generated content or marketing—created by your clients without any work from you!

Kudos #1

Shareable Content

Another way to join the conversation is to share content from other sources. This jeweler is giving great advice to newly engaged couples, which would be great information for your agency to share. Many younger couples may not think about this in their excitement, but it is great information to get in front of them. You could then later provide information about good times to look into life insurance.

Shareable #1

Don’t Overdo

Now that you are on social you are anxious to connect with clients and prospects, don’t overdo it! There is a line you shouldn’t cross and the tweet below explains it. Weigh in on things you know, but you don’t have to join every conversation or like everything. Find a balance.

Overdo #1

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By Sara O'Brien on July 21, 2016 in Online Marketing

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