[Webinar] How to Generate 4 Quality Leads in Less Than 21 Minutes a Day with LinkedIn

39% of insurance agencies state that lead generation is their #1 challenge. These tips will help you gather more online leads with less effort in less time.

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Lead Generation is the #1 Challenge

Insurance agencies struggle every day with lead generation; in fact, we found in our annual Insurance Agency Technology survey that it's the #1 challenge for agencies two years in a row!

Are you unsure who you can reach out to? Unsure of what to say?

Watch and listen to our guest host Jeremiah Desmarais as he discusses his proven techniques to exponentially growing your leads in a little as 20 minutes a day using LinkedIn. 

Included in this webinar:

The technique agencies are using today to gain new leads every day through LinkedIn
An inside look at the actual email templates Jeremiah suggests agencies use
Answers to questions from insurance advisors about the best techniques for using the LinkedIn and email approaches discussed bt Jeremiah

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Jeremiah Desmarais

Jeremiah Desmarais, author of Shift: Digital marketing secrets of insurance agents and financial advisors, is a private advisor to the insurance and financial industry that has helped over 100,000 agents generate over 2 million leads and $300 million in commissions with his digital strategies.