When & How Often Insurance Agents Should Post on Social Media

When & How Often Insurance Agents Should Post on Social Media

Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Businesses, including insurance agencies, are becoming more and more comfortable with using social media. WordStream points out that more than 50 million businesses use Facebook Business Pages, and 2 million use Facebook advertising.

Insurance agencies are truly seeing the effects of social media marketing. We discussed different uses of social media for insurance agencies in our blog, Social Selling vs. Social Branding: What Agents Need To Know.

To sum up that blog, insurance agencies should try to strike a balance between the social selling and social branding they do on their profiles. Here are some main points from the blog:

Social selling is when you (as an agent or agency owner) and/or your agency (using a business page) promote yourselves and your products/services to the public. Note, the wording you use doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be!) "salesy". You’re simply taking the opportunity to showcase what you have to offer.

Social branding is when you share educational content, office culture, and other “non-sales” pieces on your social media profiles.

Remember: balance is key. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the science behind when and how often you should post on social media in order to get the most engagement from your audience.

Best Times to Post on Social Media

There are countless studies out there arguing for when the best days and times are to post on social media. Before we get into those, always remember that each industry (and individual business!) is different; they have different audiences and, thus, will have different “best times”.

Social media scheduling experts, CoSchedule, put together this infographic highlighting the best times to post on social media based on several studies.

CoSchedule Infographic: Best Times to Post on Social Media

We generally recommend Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ for insurance agencies who are just dipping their toes into the social media waters. However, experimenting with other social platforms is always encouraged if you have the bandwidth to do so.

So, take this data and create a schedule for your agency to follow. We’ve mentioned a social media scheduling tool, Buffer, in past blogs. If you haven’t already, definitely take a look at what they have to offer. They even have a pretty powerful free version!

To learn more about social media for insurance agencies, check out our eBook, Social Media for the Insurance Agent.

Social Media for Insurance Agencies

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By Kelsey Rosauer on November 30, 2017 in Online Marketing

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