A Great Example of Terrible Selling

Shark Tank Provides a Great Example of Terrible Selling

Don't be a salesperson; be a problem-solver.

The single best advice I could give a salesperson or insurance agent is to forget being a salesperson and focus on solving problems. Use the products or services you're selling to enhance the lives of others. Genuinely know, support and care about the product or service you're providing and offer it to those whose lives would be bettered by it. This is especially important for insurance agents because we know people buy insurance for emotional reasons, and we know using empathy to sell it to them works.

Here's an example from CNBC's Shark Tank where the salesperson isn't at all thinking about how his product can help others' lives and is instead focused on how much money he can get:

So, what was the biggest mistake this salesman made? He simply wasn't listening. He wasn't concerned about getting the finances needed to get his product into the hands of people whose lives would be bettered by it. He was concerned about money in general. 

Ironically, this salesperson was pitching a program/service to teach salespeople how to sell better. What he's forgetting is that you shouldn't follow the same packaged guide to sell to each person. There's no one way to sell to everyone. People are individuals with individual needs, and the first step to selling to anyone is listening to those needs. Then, you'll be able to problem-solve for your prospect or current client and provide a solution that makes sense for their individual situation. 

This is much different than the old door-to-door sales pitch tactics, and we understand it can be overwhelming to think about how you can personalize your sales process to each individual person with their own sets of needs. So, we wrote a book about it. We wrote it as a guide to help insurance agents better understand the modern insurance consumer and learn ways to personally communicate with them in today's digital world. Check out the details below:

A Brief Guide to Successful Relationships
With the Modern Insurance Consumer

We wrote a book with Rocket ReferralsA Brief Guide to Successful Relationships With the Modern Insurance Consumer: Simple steps for managing your communication to maximize growth. Sign up for more information on the release, and you'll receive exclusive content along with the book.

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on May 15, 2015 in Selling

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