Quiz: Is Empathy Holding Back Your Sales Numbers?

Empathy Quiz

Empathy is about reading the emotions of others and responding appropriately which is critical for insurance agents. Being an agent isn't about selling insurance products, it's about understanding people's hopes and worries and getting them to like and trust you enough to listen to the recommendations you make.

How can you use empathy in insurance sales and marketing?

  1. Curiosity: truly understand and learn what makes your prospects and clients tick.
  2. Discover commonalities: once you know what makes your prospects and clients tick, use that knowledge to relate to them via commonalities.
  3. Inspire action: once you've understood someone, related to them, and built a relationship it's going to be about 50% easier to sell them an insurance policy because they trust your recommendations.

So how empathic are you? Take the quiz below to find out and start using empathy to sell more policies and generate more referrals!

Want to learn how to use empathy to sell 53% more policies?

We joined Rocket Referrals in this webinar to discuss the secrets behind the emotional reasons why people give referrals and what this means to you as an insurance sales or marketing professional.

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Mike Ivory

By Mike Ivory on April 16, 2015 in Selling

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