[Free Resource] Pre-Designed Door Hanger Templates

Door-to-door sales are a great way to start a relationship with your potential prospects. Use these door hangers as your calling card to start building a relationship today that just may bloom into a conversion!

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Putting the Person Back in Sales

In a world of DO NOT CALL lists and depleted human-to-human interactions, door-to-door sales are making a comeback.

For many agents, door-to-door is still a viable option for lead generation and growth—especially those targeting the 65+ market. It gives your prospects a chance to put face with a name, get to know you personally, and start building a relationship with you. Remember, 52% of insurance consumers are relationship buyers.1

If you do door-to-door or are considering it, it's essential to have door hangers to leave when no one is home. Use them as your calling card to get your foot in the door and build brand awareness.

Some tips to keep in mind to be more successful in your door-to-door sales:

  • Invest in polos and jackets with your logo (they make you look official/create credibility)
  • Wear a name tag, ID tag, or lanyard
  • Bring a clipboard for note taking, storing marketing materials, and keeping paper copies of sales materials on hand (don't forget a couple pens!)
  • Have professional business cards handy (check out these free business card templates!)
  • Memorize a 30 second elevator pitch to help you get in the door
  • Don't forget your smile

1 DB Marketing

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