How to Ditch Your Selling Comfort Zone & Why

How to Ditch Your Selling Comfort Zone & Why

What is a “selling comfort zone”?

A comfort zone, as we all know, is comprised of situations where we feel most at ease. This “zone” is created from a proven track record of our past that says “this makes me feel comfortable and I’m okay with this.” A selling comfort zone is made up of the tactics you use, and have used for a long time, that have brought you positive results and have become second nature to you. 

If it’s brought me results, then why would I ditch it?

Your tactics may have worked in the past, but they may not be as effective today. People are changing, and we’ve become a society that responds to a relationship-centric sales approach. We’ve grown immensely in how we communicate with the advances in technology and these new communication channels should be incorporated into your sales pitch to help you stay in front of your clients and stay relevant. So, although your tactics might still work, there could be better options out there that bring bigger results for your practice

How to “ditch” your comfort zone.

Here are five steps summarized from LifeHealthPro that can help you analyze your current tactics, decide if you need a change, if you’re prepared for a change, and how to go about it: 

  1. Look at the big picture. Are you seeing success with what you’re currently doing? (You can quickly and easily analyze all of your data to better answer this question with graphs detailing information like lead conversion rates and lost client/prospect rates when you use an analytics tool like Dashboard Analytics in AgencyBloc.)
  2. Evaluate your skills. Are you up to the challenge of trying out new tactics?
  3. Review your backend. Does your system allow for drip and automated email messaging? (AgencyBloc’s integrated Automated Workflow allows you to work smarter with custom drip and one-send emails that are trigger-based.)
  4. Get in front of new prospects. Do you actually have a fleshed-out plan to achieve this?
  5. Stop selling pens. You want to stand out to your leads and prospects, what are some ways you can achieve this that don’t include handing out pens or notepads?

Is the modern consumer still a mystery?

It can be difficult to modify your sales tactics when you don’t truly understand the modern consumer. Check out our free eBook: A Brief Guide to Successful Relationships with the Modern Insurance Consumer co-written by AgencyBloc and Rocket Referrals.

Want a short preview of the book?

Check out our short overview video of the Modern Insurance Consumer eBook.

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Allison Babberl

By Allison Babberl on February 28, 2017 in Selling

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