How to Phase Cold Calling Out of Your Insurance Agency

How Your Agency Can Faze Out Cold Calling

Put Cold Calls to Rest

Cold calls have become more of a pain and resource drain than anything else for the insurance industry. Once one of the only ways to connect with potential prospects, cold calls are now one of the lowest converting sales techniques. If your agency is using cold calls as one of your main techniques, here are some tips to help you boost your numbers.

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Become an educator on social media.

Educating your clients can be extremely beneficial to your agency because it can help build the client’s respect for and loyalty to your insurance agency.

There are a couple of ways you can become an educator on social media:

  • Join various LinkedIn groups and forums and help people by answering their questions and pointing them to where they can receive help.
  • Follow tweets using your insurance-specific hashtags (like #healthinsurance) to answer tweets from concerned, confused, and worried tweeters.
  • Share relevant, interesting and helpful information on your posts (whether it’s authored by you or one of your trusted writers).
  • Engage with your followers. For example, if someone tweets you or your agency or leaves a comment on your page, follow up with them. Rewarding engagement with a timely response encourages the interaction to continue.

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Track your website performance.

I know this sounds like a ton of work and more than you can take on right now, but there are simple ways to go about tracking the performance of your website. You can sign up for Google Analytics, Alexa, or Pro. These type of website tracking applications can give you a high-level view of your website traffic, growth, and decline. You can always look more in-depth, but for starting out it’s good to know your general website traffic trend so you can decide if you need to put more resources into marketing your agency.

Use an industry-specific CRM or Agency Management System.

By using your CRM or agency management system (AMS), you can integrate your lead generation, client and prospect relations and activities, sales process, and email marketing into one system. AgencyBloc’s intuitive system makes this easy:

  • Unique lead form builder. Create your own agency-specific lead form with AgencyBloc, then embed it on your website and start capturing your leads immediately.
  • Automatic lead follow-up. Every time a prospect fills out your individual lead form, a notification is sent to the assigned agent and an activity is created for them. This allows for quick follow up from your agent so that you can instantly begin that agent-client relationship and serve your prospects to the best of your ability.
  • Stay in control of your sales process. See where you’re doing too much and too little. Use AgencyBloc’s dashboards to view detailed graphs showing your most fruitful lead sources or pull reports from AgencyBloc to see from where your clients are coming.
  • Maintain your email marketing efforts. PR Newswire found that 72% of consumers prefer to become communicated with via email when it comes to promotional messages and client updates. With AgencyBloc’s email marketing campaign feature, you can setup automated emails that send to the right person at the right time. Connect with your new leads, welcome new clients, and give out well wishes on your clients’ birthdays.
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By Allison Babberl on July 12, 2016 in Selling

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