How to Increase Your Odds of Qualifying Leads by 400%

Increase Your Odds of Qualifying Leads by 400%

Most insurance agency websites that I see have some way of contacting the agency via an online lead form. This is a good thing! The not-so-good thing is the lack of timely follow-up associated with online lead forms. Many agencies do a great job of immediately taking phone calls, but when it comes to responding to an online lead, data from shows that over 30% of leads are never contacted at all!

Response Time

How long does it take someone at your agency to respond to a lead after they submit a form on your website? If it's not usually within 5 minutes, you may want to pay attention to this statistic:

Your odds of qualifying a lead decrease by 400% when your response time increases from 5 minutes to just 10 minutes.


Here's another question to ask yourself: How many call attempts does someone at your agency make to a lead before giving up? Most sales reps give up too soon. They think it's a lost cause or they fear being too aggressive. The fact is that by making a few more call attempts, you can increase contact rates by up to 70%.

Check out all of the data regarding lead response management in this infographic from

Lead Response Management Best Practices

The data makes it very clear that you will experience the best results by reaching out to new leads early and often, and the only way to do this consistently is to have processes in place. Fortunately, with the technology available today, it's very easy to automate tasks, reminders, emails, etc. so that every lead who fills out a form on your website is reached out to immediately and continues to get appropriate attention.

Using features in your agency management system like the automated workflows in AgencyBloc, you can quickly build out a process that is triggered any time an online form is filled out. Your sales process can look however you want it to, but here is a simple example:

New Lead Follow-Up

Want to learn more about using automated workflow in your agency? Check out our eBook that covers the basics of AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow feature:

Automation for Life & Health Insurance Agencies: Using automated workflow to create efficiency & con

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Use automated workflow in your insurance agency to create efficiencies and ensure accuracy in your day-to-day processes.

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