[Infographic] The Personality Of A Perfect Salesperson

Personality Traits of the Best Salesperson
Logan Strain

This guest blog post was written by Logan Strain, Digital Content Specialist at NextGen Leads.It was originally published on NextGen Lead's blog and republished here with their permission.  NextGen Leads takes a unique approach to lead generation for insurance agencies that allows them to deliver exceptional value to their customers in three distinct areas: Lead quality, technology and customer experience.

What’s the difference between people who dominate their industry and those who struggle? Is it luck? Is it connections? While those factors might play a role, science has actually found that people who have certain personality traits have a better chance of succeeding in sales than others. It’s these inner characteristics than can mean the difference between bringing in new clients on a consistent basis or not.

This infographic from NextGen Leads reveals seven of some of the more interesting ones. Some of them aren’t much of a surprise. For example, salespeople with more grit tend have bigger numbers. But some of them defy conventional wisdom. For example, it reveals that one study suggests that salespeople who are “ambiverts” are more successful than either introverts or extroverts. 

Check it out below, and see if you recognize any of these personality traits in yourself.

The Personality of a Perfect Salesperson

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By Logan Strain on June 7, 2016 in Selling


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