Sales Cycle Integration

AgencyBloc Sales CycleAgencyBloc is central to your sales-cycle process and, if needed, provides you with the ability to import carrier payments and calculate agent commissions. Let's see how AgencyBloc integrates with the typical sales process.


Every agency has its own ideas on the best ways to prospect for business. It's easy to import data from third-parties and AgencyBloc can track lead sources & programs to help you determine your ROI.  You can also enter the information yourself - i.e. name, email, phone number and mailing address, lead source/program.

AgencyBloc's lead tracking system allows you to define the lead date, general lead source, the person/agent providing the lead, if any, a secondary lead source, and a project code. Reports can be generated off of these tracking fields.

AgencyBloc also allows you to mine your client database to find cross-selling opportunities. For example, where did you add health insurance but not life or DI. The possibilities are limitless.


With the prospects identified, AgencyBloc helps manage your selling process by setting up calendar reminders for customer contacts you want to make. These reminders are available for display on the dashboard.

Details around the event can include: the subject matter, type of activity, method of completing the activity, current status, due date, and who is responsible for the activity. You can assign the task to someone else or share it with others on your team. If you're managing other agents or account managers, you can be a member of their team so you can easily see what each person is doing.

All of your activities are displayed on your AgencyBloc dashboard. You can choose to show only today's tasks, those for the next 7, 14, or 30 days or all of them.

Activity tracking is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. It is the elephant that never forgets. In addition to customer interactions it can be used as a reminder to follow-up with your insurance carrier about your quote request, underwriting status of an application, or any other action you expect your carrier to complete. 

All activities are logged so you can review what happened when and by whom. Activities can never be deleted so you have a permanent record of all actions you or your staff have taken. As the months and years pass, you'll be happy to have this instant recall function.


Now it's sold; what next? AgencyBloc is used to keep important policy information at your disposal-no need to hunt through your paper files.

Groups and contacts can have multiple policies and coverages. A policy in AgencyBloc is product and carrier specific. You can have multiple policies, one for each product you sold to your client. For example, you may have sold health and dental coverage to a company (group1:00) or to an individual (contact). For each policy you'll specify the coverage type, carrier, policy code, agent information along with the effective and renewal dates. You can also attach/upload any files related to this policy.

For each policy you can add more detail with the Agency Bloc's "coverage" tab. For instance if you sold dual option heath plan to a company, you can create and track each coverage type. Or, if you sold an individual health policy with a supplement accidental rider, you may want to create two separate coverage types.

Stepping back a moment, each coverage type will typically have a plan code associated with it that has been specified by the carrier. AgencyBloc provides you with the ability to associate the plan code to PDF's provided by the carrier, such as the benefit summary or a plan grid. 

You can build a library of documents associated with the plan code. The relevance for you is that any time you sell that plan to anyone you will have a one click access to those documents from the coverage segment within the account or contact. The simplicity here is that while you are talking with your client you can have immediate access to all relevant carrier information.

AgencyBloc allows you to track policies at the contact level within an account. This means you can cross-sell any group contact whether it is the owner of the company or an employee. This is a great tool for layering financial services and voluntary products.


Now it is time preserve and protect your client relationship. For many clients there will be active dialogue on topics such as adding/deleting employees or answering benefit or claim payment questions. Activity tracking again comes into play as does AgencyBloc's notes and attachments feature.

Suppose there is a claim issue; you can track it from the initial conversation with your client, appending actions you take with the carrier, the carrier's response and so on until that service issue resolved. Now you have a complete track record for future reference should you need it.

Another use for activity tracking is to set renewal reminders or quarterly contact reminders. You'll never again forget when it is time to make sure your renewals are ready or that you have not contacted your client for the last year! Set it and forget it. Your follow-up will show on your dashboard when the time is right.

This is another opportunity to go paperless. You can browse and store attachments related to this client. These attachment can be PDF's, Excel documents, Word documents or even a PowerPoint presentation you made. You can use a notes field to describe the attachment. You can also use the notes field for general content you want to remember about your client.

As previously mentioned you can mine your client data base to find new opportunities. Which groups have health insurance but no dental coverage, dental coverage but no life insurance, life insurance but no STD/LTD etc.

Do you send birthday cards? Whether you use an outside card vendor or send your own personalized cards, AgencyBloc's reports will export contact information by birth month into an excel document for ease of use.

Paying Commission

Are you paying commissions to other agents? If so AgencyBloc has a very versatile, integrated, commission module. We have some MGA and IMO/FMO clients using our agency management software primarily for this commission component.

For any of your customers-groups, employees of a group, individuals or seniors-we can process commissions on multiple products from multiple carriers and pay it out to multiple agents or downstream agencies and their agents.

  • We can pay as a percent of premium, percent of commission, per head, or a flat amount.
  • We set up carrier import maps at no added cost to reduce your time.
  • Our commission reconciliation process is simple to use.
  • Commission statements are available in PDF form or can be exported to Excel.
  • Our reporting function has virtually limitless ways for you to slice and dice your data.
Adam Lewis

By Adam Lewis on February 22, 2011 in Selling

Adam is the President of AgencyBloc. He wears any hat necessary at any time, but primarily he is our visionary and servant leader, making sure we all continue to have an awesome place to work and our clients have an extraordinary experience with our system. Favorite quote: "If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen." - Conan O'Brien More articles


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