Selling Insurance is All About Staying Top-of-Mind

Selling Insurance is All About Staying Top-of-Mind

Brian Greenberg, an independent insurance agent and business owner, said this about selling insurance:

"My philosophy is to let the customers come to us when they are ready. Traditionally, the life insurance business does a lot of cold calling and appointment-seeking. In today's world, I think you need a less intrusive approach. I do the best job I can of putting useful information out there for interested customers to find. Then, if they decide they want the service, they contact my company. People find it annoying to be called by a salesperson for services they may not want. This way, they know my service is there for them if they need it, but I'm not in their face. As a business, we do need to stay visible and be top-of-mind when the customer is ready to buy. I believe in using my website and reputation to sell the customer before they even contact us. I run my business as a customer service company, not a sales company."

This is great advice in today's search-driven world. If you haven't heard it enough, people do their research online for products and services before making initial contact, so a positive online presence is crucial. 

I especially like the part where he says to use a less intrusive approach, providing useful information for prospects to find. This is where agents and agencies can build their social proof and reputation. Sharing your expertise in the insurance industry with useful blog posts and other online resources show your prospects that you care about their interests and needs, and it also provides credibility.

I found Greenberg's quote while researching online about agents' concerns while selling life insurance. Among numerous concerns, many agents or agencies are worried about selling to millennials. There are countless articles about the technology to use and when/where/how to sell to them. Though all of these articles hold useful information, this quote from Greenberg really sums up the real way to sell to millennials (and everyone else for that matter). Basically, stay top-of-mind and show empathy in order to sell insurance.

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Kelsey Rosauer

By Kelsey Rosauer on April 21, 2015 in Selling

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