[Webinar] Tips for a Productive & Profitable Open Enrollment Season

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how your agency can have a productive and profitable open enrollment season.

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Are you ready for open enrollment? 

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how your agency can have a productive and profitable open enrollment season this year. We'll chat about where you can find the best leads for open enrollment, how to sell to those leads and manage them through the sales cycle, and how to increase your client retention with these new clients. We'll also cover how to follow-up with them during next year's open enrollment season. 

View the webinar now to see:

  1. How NextGen Leads can help you identify leads for this open enrollment season
  2. How AgencyBloc provides a productive process from lead tracking to client policy tracking
  3. How you can find more opportunities with these new clients and increase profitability through cross-selling
  4. How to keep these clients and best service them during next year's open enrollment season

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David Kline, AgencyBloc

David Kline is the VP of Business Development at AgencyBloc. He will discuss the most productive way to manage the sales cycle of your new leads and how to increase client retention with consistent communication. He will talk about AgencyBloc's capabilities that help agencies be efficient during open enrollment season.

Chassler Boyd, NextGen Leads

Chassler Boyd is a Sales Associate at NextGen Leads. She will discuss how to find the best leads during open enrollment season, the different types of leads you can look at, and how NextGen Leads can provide those leads for you.