[Webinar] Becoming the Feared Competitor

The insurance industry is facing unprecedented levels of change and disruption. In this webinar, you'll learn how to use the current change and disruption to improve your value proposition.

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Agents Are Facing Change

Our industry is facing unprecedented levels of change and disruption. The industry itself is going through a transformation; a transformation that is long overdue. Those who use the current change, disruption, and transformation as motivation to improve their value proposition will find that they represent the single most important relationship of today's business owner; more important than the CPA, attorney, or banker. Because of our ability to impact our clients strategically, operationally, financially, and emotionally we will become an invaluable resource to their success.

The audience will leave the session with a clear path to their future success. They will be motivated and inspired to take control of their future and be confident of their ability to not only survive the current challenges, but understand how to turn them into opportunities and become the competitor that all other competitors fear.

During this webinar, Kevin from Q4intelligence will explore:

  • Flaws of the traditional approach
  • What business are we really in?
  • Power of a client-centric model
  • Protecting your business from new competitors
  • Creating inner (agency/team) strength
  • The threats/opportunities of a truly free market
  • Power of collaboration
  • Creating an unending source of confidence

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Guest Presenter:

Kevin Trokey, Q4intelligence

Kevin Trokey is a business consultant and sales coach working with independent insurance agencies. He started Q4intelligence (originally BGN) because he enjoys taking what he learns and turning it into a systematic process to help others achieve higher and higher levels of success in their own business.

Working with Kevin, people develop the understanding and confidence to successfully take on new initiatives. He helps them see that the personal/organizational growth they seek is not the overwhelming, out-of-reach goal it first appears. Together, Kevin helps others break down the intimidating into logical and manageable steps..