Commission Tracking: Manage Dates

Manage Dates for Commissions in AgencyBloc

For users who are processing commissions in AgencyBloc, the Manage Dates section is a very useful tool. This section gives users the ability to do three things: merge statement dates, purge commission dates, and finalize/lock a commission date. While they are mostly self-explanatory, below is a brief description of each.

AgencyBloc Commission Date Utilities

Merge Dates

Merge Dates allows you to move a statement from its current statement date to any date that you wish. Popular use: some carriers pay you multiple times per month. Upload the statements as they come in and at the end of the month merge all of the dates into one single date before you pay out to your agents, sub-agents, sub-agencies, etc. This will group all of the commissions for a month together and allow you to give your agents a single, clean commission statement.

Purge Commission Entries

This is a popular feature that gives users a peace of mind when uploading statements. A question we get a lot: "can I remove a commission statement once I've uploaded it?" Answer: Yes, the Purge Commission Entries feature let's you do just that. Simply select the statement date you wish to purge. If the statement date contains multiple carrier statements then choose which statement you want to purge.

Finalize/Lock a Commission Date

To protect the integrity of your commissions, use this option to lock down a statement date from further changes. Once a statement is locked down no changes can be made to it by anyone in your agency and Agent Statement users now have access to the statement.

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By Mike Ivory on April 9, 2013 in Commissions Processing

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