[eBook] How to Streamline Your Commissions Processing

Learn how you can save time, save money, and get smarter by streamlining your commissions processing with AgencyBloc’s Commissions Module.

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commissions processing

Processing commissions takes serious time and resources.

Streamline CommissionsAre you even sure if everything is accounted for? Life and health insurance carriers are not perfect and while unintentional, missed commission payments will cost you.

So, how does the AgencyBloc software streamlines your agency’s commissions processing? This ebook lets you in on the process of how our Commissions Processing feature makes your life a lot easier.

You’ll Learn about:

  • Uncovering lost commissions

  • Importing carrier statements

  • Calculating & splitting commissions

  • Providing online agent statements

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AgencyBloc has made our office more efficient and has saved us time and money. Within the first year we recovered over $20,000 in unpaid commissions!

Comprehensive Financial, Inc.

AgencyBloc has saved me 80 hours in manual calculations for commissions and I would absolutely recommend them for all your commission needs.

MGM Benefits Group