Case Study: William Avon Financial

Learn how William Avon Financial uses AgencyBloc to help drive profitability and significantly increase efficiency.

William Avon Financial

Client Quick Facts:

William Avon Financial:

Previously using: ACT! By Sage

Specializes In:

  • Financial Planning
  • Life
  • Legacy Planning
  • Retirement
  • P&C

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About The Company

AB: Where are you located?
WA: North Carolina

AB: When did you start your agency?
WA: My career in the industry began in 2002 working for a large carrier. Over the first few years, I found I could better serve my clients as an independent agent representing multiple carriers, so I hung my own shingle and started William Avon Agency in 2007.

AB: Who do you serve?
WA: The agency began with a primary focus in property and casualty, then gradually expanded into financial solutions including life, college planning, retirement and legacy planning as the demand grew.

AB: How large is your agency?
WA: That’s a tough question. Locally, we have a small team, but nationally, we are a full service IMO (insurance marketing organization) sharing our experience and helping independent agents and agencies grow their own books of business.

The Problem

AB: Why were you seeking out a CRM?
WA: Organization, tracking and reporting.

AB: Did you use a CRM before AgencyBloc?
WA: We used ACT! by Sage, which was great at the time, but didn’t allow us a true “insurance/financial” CRM. Even with their customizable fields, we didn’t have cloud access which has proven invaluable. We enjoy the level of security AgencyBloc provides compared to keeping records on a local machine. This also allows us to access our client data from any internet connection instead of needing to “remote in” to an office computer. Commission tracking was done the old fashioned way on Excel spreadsheets, which were easily messed up if the wrong field was changed in error. Now we have full reporting and no longer worry about hitting the delete key by mistake.

Switching to AgencyBloc

AB:How was the process of switching from your old CRM/AMS?
WA: Amazingly simple. The support team at AgencyBloc was invaluable, responsive and easy to work with. We felt they cared about helping us learn the system, which wasn’t difficult, and show us tips to extract data to help grow the business.

AB: What specifically about AgencyBloc made you choose it over other systems?
WA: The price and functionality to have contact records, notes, activities, policy detail and commission records all in one place got me in. The customer service and AgencyBloc’s desire to continually improve the product has kept me in.

AB: What feature were you most surprised or pleased with when you started?
WA: The ease of commission reconciliation down to the penny without laborious spreadsheets which don’t give me “missing commission” reports as AgencyBloc does.

After Switching to AgencyBloc

AB: How long have you been using AgencyBloc?
WA: About 3 years, if I remember correctly.

AB: What feature/features are your favorite and why?

  1. The activities dashboard – all of my to do’s are in one place and easily sorted by type or date. I can also see my team’s dashboards separately which is a great management feature.
  2. The visual charts and graphs – they give a nice simple snapshot of where the agency is, where we are profitable, what areas we may consider dropping and what area’s we need to improve on both from a sales perspective and activity perspective.

AB: How does your company run differently vs. how it ran before AgencyBloc?
WA: Profitability and efficiency have gone up significantly. It’s amazing how much you can see about your activity and profits when they are spelled out in front of you in a picture format.

William A.

"The price and functionality to have contact records, notes, activities, policy detail and commission records all in one place got me in. The customer service and AB’s desire to continually improve the product has kept me in."

William A.

William Avon Financial