[Case Study] Altus Retirement Services, LLC

October 28, 2016 in Database Management

Altus Retirement Services, LLC.

Client Quick Facts:

Insurance Advocates: www.altusretirement.com

# of employees: 2 # of agents: 10

Previously using: GBS

Specializes In:

  • Life
  • Annuitites
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Supplement

About The Company

Altus Retirement Services, LLC is located in Taylorsville, Utah and has served clients for 8 years. Recently merged with Bangerter Insurance Group, Altus specializes in life insurance, annuities, Medicare, and Medicare Supplement.

The Problem

Altus found it difficult to serve their clients remotely because their GBS platform was only accessible through the server located at their home office. They found the system to be cumbersome, the interface to be outdated, and it forced them to have a server and backup server constantly running in their office. They looked into a cloud-based version of GBS, but the price point wasn’t manageable for them. Beyond that, Altus found that running any type of report was overly complicated and the reports weren’t as detailed as Altus needed. In addition, they found that the email campaign component of GBS was not to the sophistication level they were needing, and wanted something more robust. Overall, Altus began searching for a new AMS/CRM that was easier to use, quick to implement, and satisfied all of their needs for reports, emails, and mobility with a manageable price point.

Our Solution

Altus encountered AgencyBloc and became a client at the beginning of 2016. The secure, cloud-based software was one of the key capabilities that Altus needed. Furthermore, the value they found in the software for the price point was incomparable. They found implementation easy with the online tutorials and help section provided by AgencyBloc and really appreciated the above and beyond support they received from the Client Success team. Besides mobility, Altus found the detailed reports, customization, and task assignment crucial for their daily processes.

The Result

After almost a year with AgencyBloc, Altus can now run the detailed reports that provide them with the in-depth information about their carriers and policies they need from an easy-to-use, updated software. Any problem they run into is quickly resolved from their dedicated Client Success Specialist. They’re able to be more efficient in how they serve their clients and assist them in real time since they’re able to access their book-of-business from any location. The automated workflow component of AgencyBloc also allows them to be proactive in communicating with their clients and prospects, and has made assigning tasks to other agents a breeze. The ability to customize and edit the software to fit their agency has proved to make their processes run smoother and has made managing their day-to-day business easier. 

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