Making Good Agents Great: Groups

Making Good Agents Great: Groups

Managing Your Groups

We’ve been discussing how AgencyBloc’s latest release of Automated Workflow can benefit your agency by boosting your productivity and increasing your efficiency. 

However, every insurance agency is a little different. Some of you larger agencies manage other agents, whereas others have an entire book of clients who are individuals looking for coverage; some of you sell group policies, some sell individual, and some sell both. We’ve focused on how Automated Workflow can help you manage your agents and your individual clients, but today we’re going to focus on how Automated Workflow can help you manage your group policies.

Automated Workflow Group Triggers


When it comes to group policies, there are a lot of moving parts due to the number of people covered by the policy. It can be a challenge monitoring and managing every group policy in your book. This is where Automated Workflow can help. Your workflows run in the background and watch for triggers to start workflows and perform actions like sending emails or assigning activities. Let’s go through a few different scenarios and discuss how you might use them in your insurance agency today:

  • A Group is created: This seems obvious, but whenever you create a new group within AgencyBloc, you can set up triggers to send you notifications (via email or assigned task) so you’re always aware of new group clients.
  • A Group’s type is updated: Just because you have a group in your system doesn’t mean they’re actually a client. Keep track of your groups by setting up triggered alerts to let you know when any group in your book becomes a prospect, client, etc. There are multiple options within AgencyBloc’s workflow setup, so you can set up alerts for a variety of reasons.
  • A Group’s status is updated: You have a lot of policies in your book, so it can be difficult to remember where each one is in the road to becoming a client. Automated Workflow helps you keep track of each of your groups’ statuses by alerting you to different status changes. That way, you’ll know if your group is interested, quoted, and even enrolled. Monitor every stage of your group’s journey to becoming a client easily.
  • A Group’s lead source is updated: As an agent, you may use a variety of sources to generate leads for your book-of-business. Keep track of where each of your prospects comes from so you know which of your sources is most profitable for you. In addition, set up triggered alerts to let you know when a new lead comes in so you can act on it immediately. 

Managing Your Groups

It can be difficult to keep all of your groups in a row when you have multiple policies, especially during your busy seasons like Open Enrollment and Annual Election Period. Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc can help by keeping all of group policies in order, set up automated email campaigns that send to the right policyholder at the right time, and help you connect better with you groups to ensure that they remain into the future.

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Allison Babberl

By Allison Babberl on October 26, 2016 in Database Management

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