Making Good Agents Great: License Renewals & Lead Management

Automated Workflow: Agent Tracking

Keeping track with automation.

As insurance agency owners, the thought of  “downtime” is a little foreign to you. You rarely have “off seasons” or slow months. You’re often extraordinarily busy and have a lot going on in your day. It can be difficult to keep track of all the details and particulars of your agents. This is where Automated Workflow can definitely help you out.

In a series of blogs called Making Good Agents Great, we'll discuss the different things you can automate in your agency to help boost the productivity of your agents and take them from good agents to great agents. Over the next couple weeks, we'll present different segments of how this new feature, Automated Workflow, can benefit your agency.  We'll start off the series by discussing how you can automate your agent's license renewal reminders and lead management. 


One of the biggest things your agents need to keep top-of-mind is the expiration dates for their license and their E&O. Obviously, these are both crucial to their ability to sell and perform at their best. Automated Workflow tracks these for you and lets you set up reminders that can go out to the agent at any time. These reminders go solely based on the information you have on file for that agent so they will always receive the right message at the right time. For example: Say your agent’s license expiration is coming up. You can set up emails or reminders that will be sent to them 3 months out and then again 1 month out alerting them to the approaching expiration date. That way they are always prepared and able to stay in the green.

Agent License Renewal Automated Workflow


LifeHealthPro found that lead generation is the number one challenge insurance agents face. On top of that, agents can lose up to 14% of their clients each year. A great way for you to help them be successful is by assisting them in their lead follow-up efforts. Automated Workflow allows you set up notifications that are sent directly to the agent any time they have a lead come in. You can set the source from which the lead came (website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), so they know exactly where the lead is from and you can track your best lead sources. You can then have it create a task for that agent to start working the lead immediately so that they have the best chance of conversion. This helps them prepare for the client loss they’ll experience and can help make them more successful in the future.

Lead Source Alert Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow

Now this sounds like a lot of work, but Automated Workflow does it all for you. All you have to do is set the trigger and the criteria, and then press save. Any time the criteria is met, the communication  you set up will automatically release, like an email being sent. It’ll help keep your agents on task without having to take a chunk of your day away making both you and your agents more productive and efficient. 

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By Allison Babberl on September 27, 2016 in Database Management

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