Organize Your Book-of-Business to Get More Referrals


Your book-of-business has taken you years to compile and is vital to your business.

This data is probably stored in either a software system, Excel spreadsheets, or in a filing cabinet at your office. This is the life of your insurance agency, and the loss or corruption of your book-of-business would most likely be the end of your career in the insurance industry. Given this, it’s no wonder there is significant apprehension when faced with the prospect of migrating data from wherever it resides today into a new software system. 

While the process of migrating data can seem like a daunting task, it can also be viewed as an opportunity for your agency to get organized. Think about moving to a new house. You start by organizing everything that you have, and then you throw out the things that you don't want or need. You're left with only the stuff that matters on moving day, making the move much easier. Once you're in the new house you can unpack and get organized. You end up with a clean and organized house to live in.

Migrating data to a new software system is similar. You start by getting everything organized and into a single location and then begin removing the things that you don't need or want. You're left with only the data that matters - minimizing the effort needed to make the move. Once your data is imported to the new system, you end up with a clean and organized book-of-business.

There's no better time than the present to begin a process like this. No matter how bad or messy your data is, it will only get worse until you make changes to improve it. At AgencyBloc, we've moved databases of all sizes (from 100's of policies to 100's of thousands of policies) into our software and have seen a lot of bad data. A very important term to keep in mind during the data migration process is “garbage in, garbage out” (yes, this is a real term: GIGO). With this in mind, we recommend to clients who come to us with "garbage data" to take advantage of this opportunity to turn the "garbage data" into "good data". This is when you can throw out the things you don't need, fill in gaps, and end up with an organized book-of-business.

If the thought of organizing your book-of-business and moving it scares you more than just dealing with the mess, think of it this way: a clean and organized book-of-business is easier to navigate which results in the ability to better serve your clients.

Organized book-of-business = better customer support = happy customers!

Happy customers = more referrals!


I understand that you are in the business of selling insurance - not cleaning a database. But a clean and organized book-of-business can only help you do what you do best: sell, better! Try a Free Trial of AgencyBloc and see how organized your book-of-business can look after the data migration process is finished. If you'd rather talk about your specific scenario, feel free to schedule a live demo and talk to a data migration whiz about getting your book-of-business migrated.

We hosted an educational webinar on the subject of data migration Wednesday, June 18th. Jason Ferguson, CMO of New Horizons Insurance Marketing, talked about his agency's experience with the data migration process and Adam Lewis, president of AgencyBloc, gave tips and tricks for a successful migration process. View the recording.

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Mike Ivory

By Mike Ivory on June 9, 2014 in Database Management

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