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Something I have learned over the years is that there is not one way to deliver a message that trumps all others. Why? Because audiences are made up of individuals and individuals consume, digest and communicate information differently. Most audiences are diverse in nature and the empathetic marketer will recognize that a multifaceted communication approach is the most successful in broadening a brand’s reach.

Recently, Employee Benefit Advisor published a list of 30 benefit professionals to follow on Twitter. I reviewed that list and began following several, it’s an excellent list of people sharing valuable insights for the industry. What occurred to me was, what if you aren’t on Twitter but want to follow these people, read their blogs and see what they’re sharing? So, here you go! Below is a list of links to the LinkedIn profiles and blogs of some of those listed in the EBA must follow list. You can follow or connect with them on LinkedIn or explore blogs they contribute to or share from. Consider subscribing to email alerts or newsletters for these blogs, it can be a great way to get valuable information straight to your inbox.

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Erica Kiefer

By Erica Kiefer on April 27, 2017 in Manage Your Agency

Erica Kiefer is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at AgencyBloc. She creates strategic direction for revenue growth and brand building, while removing obstacles for sales and marketing team success. Favorite quote: "For the ocean is big and my boat is small. Find the courage." - Alanis Morissette More articles


Get FREE tools and insights from AgencyBloc delivered directly to your inbox.