An Insurance Agent's Advice to Other Agents For Open Enrollment

Advice for Insurance Agents During Open Enrollment
William Avon

This blog post is based on an interview with William Avon, owner of William Avon Financial and has been posted with his approval and permission. William Avon Financial specializes in financial planning, life and health insurance, legacy planning, retirement, and P&C insurance.

Note: Note: AB denotes AgencyBloc and WA denotes William Avon

AB: How early do you begin preparing for open enrollment season and why?
WA: September. This gives us two months to begin notifying people and reminding them of our name and the value added service we provide to them as a client. Any earlier and they will forget with the flood of other communications they will be receiving and any later, you start to rush to get it all out. Another reason we prep around the two-month mark is most of the changes and notifications from the carriers and marketplace have been published so we are able to deliver the most relevant information.

AB: What is the most important thing to remember when preparing for open enrollment?
WA: Clients are inundated with agents, the carriers and marketplace sending them “stuff to do”. If you don’t reach out to start plugging for referrals, renewals and general notices for new business, your book will not grow and may shrink considerably. Don’t be complacent thinking they are already on the books and just go after new business. It’s less expensive to retain a book and generate referrals than always looking for new clients. Treat your clients right. This isn’t about the money, it's about providing value to the client, then the money will follow.

AB: How do you streamline your enrollment process?
WA: We offer online client side tools, email communication and phone support. We want to be the path of least resistance and communication to help our clients and prospects.

AB: What time-saving measures do you take or set up in AgencyBloc prior or during open enrollment?
WA: Automated emails based on renewal date and reminder triggers for activities based on policy status.

ACA Policy Renewal Email Campaign in AgencyBloc

Policy Renewal Email Campaign in AgencyBloc

AB: What advice do you have for agents just starting out?
WA: Be sure to put your client first and do it before thinking about money. Build your practice in a value-giving and service-oriented manner. If you don’t know an answer, tell them you will look it up and get back to them. There is so much misinformation out there. It is much easier and more respectful to shine with the correct answer than lose your reputation by guessing.

Beyond preparing early and using AgencyBloc to stay organized and productive during Open Enrollment, William Avon also utilizes NextGen Leads to supplement filling his funnel.

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