Agents: Are You Ready for Open Enrollment?

Are you ready for Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is Almost Here

This month we’ve been talking a lot about getting revved up for Open Enrollment. The OE period is coming up; so, today we’re going to do a round-up of everything we’ve talked about so that you can make sure you are ready to tackle OE and make it your best season yet.


We’ve discussed at length the importance of continued and regular communication with your clients; your clients want to hear from you, they want to hear from you often, and they aren’t afraid to leave if you don’t stay in contact. Studies have shown that you need to court your leads, and 5 - 7 touches is the sweet spot for closing the deal. Communication can mean the difference between client and ex-client.

One easy way for you to communicate with your clients and agents during the OE season is by setting up triggered email campaigns

Free Downloadable Open Enrollment Email Campaign Templates

Free Downloadable Open Enrollment Email Campaign Templates

Free Downloadable Open Enrollment Email Campaign Templates

  • Email campaigns are great tools to send out reminders to both your agents and clients. These emails can cover topics like:
  • Policy Renewals
  • Coverage-Based Topics
  • Carrier-Focused Topics
  • Status Updates (i.e. approved or denied applications)
  • OE & AEP dates
  • Licensing Reminders
  • Follow-Ups

Checking in with your clients and agents now, getting them prepared, and letting them know what is coming and when can be extremely beneficial for your client referral and retention. Your clients will see that you are there with them all the time and willing to be of help whenever they need it or are ready for it. 

Organization & Storage

You have a bunch of clients and a ton of data points, but are you easily able to access all of that information? Having all of your information stored in an Agency Management System (AMS) like AgencyBloc can help you keep your information organized so you can find what you need when you need it. You will be able to pull reports organized solely by carrier or policy to see which of your clients will be affected by carriers or policy changes, you can quickly identify cross-selling opportunities that you can immediately act upon, and you can set reminders for yourself to reach out to those clients. 

Monitoring & Measuring

Acting upon your leads, engaging in cross-selling, and staying in communication with your clients and agents through email marketing is all fine and dandy, but if you can’t accurately tell if your efforts are working then how can you improve and advance into the future? AgencyBloc gives you detailed graphs showing you the performance of your various automated activities like email campaigns that show you how they are performing and where you can improve. You can also see graphs that provide visualizations of the status of your policies and clients, and you can see your carrier diversity. These graphs can show which carriers you are using the most, which are performing the worst and the best, and which type of policies you’ve sold the most of. Having these detailed graphs can help you visualize the health of your agency, see where improvement is needed, and where you could consider taking your agency. 

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Allison Babberl

By Allison Babberl on August 30, 2016 in Productivity

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