Case Study: McLaughlin & Smoak Benefits

Learn how McLaughlin & Smoak now has a single source to track all client information and policy data that seamlessly ties to their commission payments.

McLaughlin & Smoak Benefits

Client Quick Facts:

McLaughlin & Smoak Benefits:

# of employees: 10
     # of agents: 7

Specializes In:

  • Large Group
  • Health
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Small Group

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About The Company

McLaughlin & Smoak began in 2010 with an aim to make employee benefits easy to understand and easy to manage. They serve in South Carolina providing large group health, life, and disability insurance to a multitude of businesses.

The Problem

McLaughlin & Smoak faced a frustrating dilemma every day in their attempts to attach multiple documents to their various policies. Their previous vendor only allowed them to attach one document at a time, which proved to be time-consuming and wasteful, forcing them to keep the majority of their documents separated from their CRM in a Dropbox folder. In addition, the system wouldn’t automatically re-order policies by status which caused confusion when terminated policies appeared at the top of the list. Beyond that, they weren’t able to customize their previous software in the manner they required, and the reports, searches, dashboards, and activities weren’t easy to utilize in the way they needed. Ultimately, they found that they used the software less and less because it didn’t fit their needs.

Our Solution

McLaughlin & Smoak came across AgencyBloc and not only found the interface updated and appealing, but were also drawn to the fact that the CRM had built-in commissions processing capabilities. In addition, they found the customization capabilities of the software and the dashboards to be extremely helpful. They were impressed by AgencyBloc’s continual effort to improve and better their system by working with their clients and learning from feedback. In addition, the ability to drag and drop multiple documents at once helped alleviate one of their biggest day-to-day pains. 

The Result

After almost a year, McLaughlin & Smoak has a single source to track all client information and policy data that seamlessly ties to their commission payments. They have found AgencyBloc to be much easier to use, and they’ve realized that they use different parts of the software more and more with time. They have also found the customization capabilities and reporting feature to be beneficial to their process. These features allow them to document every client encounter extensively and track progress with client growth and new business.


"It’s been refreshing to have a system that is easy to use, makes sense for our industry, and has a team behind it that is willing to listen to our feedback and our requests."


McLaughlin & Smoak Benefits