Case Study: Illiana Insurance Agency, Ltd.

Learn how Illiana Insurance Agency, Ltd. has become more efficient in processing commissions and tracking policies, have a software compatible with evolving operating systems and can work from anywhere.

Illiana Insurance Agency, Ltd.

Client Quick Facts:

Illiana Insurance Agency, Ltd.:

# of employees: 3
     # of agents: 8

Previously using: Microsoft Access

Specializes In:

  • Medicare
  • Senior Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Annuities
  • Life

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About The Company

Illiana Insurance Agency, Ltd. is an independent agency that has been serving Illinois’ senior community since 1979. The company focuses heavily on Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D Plans, Annuities, and Life insurance.

The Problem

Illiana needed a more efficient way to upload and process commission statements, identify errors within their database, and pull reports. They also wanted a software that would be compatible with evolving operating systems so that when they had a computer system update, their software would still run the same. Illiana worked for many years using Microsoft Access, and often experienced operating system incompatibility, cumbersome commissions management, poor policy tracking, and insufficient reporting. In addition, whenever they had problems arise, the tech developer was difficult to reach. Within Access, Illiana’s office personnel had to manually input each policy and commission statement/split. The system allowed for little to no automation, they weren’t able to tell if any information had been entered incorrectly, and pulling reports never turned out exactly how they needed. Above all, any time they updated their computer system, the compatibility of Access with the new upgrade was inconsistent, and they were never guaranteed that it would function as they needed it to. The agency had solely used Microsoft Access and were nervous about updating to anything new.

Our Solution

Referred to AgencyBloc through trusted partners, Illiana made the move to AgencyBloc to make their business processes more efficient. With help from the AgencyBloc Client Success Team, Illiana was able to automate their commission process and policy tracking, pull the reports they needed, and ensure the compatibility of their computer system with AgencyBloc’s software. By implementing AgencyBloc’s software, everyone at Illiana has experienced efficiencies they never knew they could have, and when they run into difficulties, they have a dedicated support specialist at AgencyBloc they can always call.

The Result

3 years later, the automation within their agency has boosted efficiency and productivity throughout. They are able to scan in each commission report  and policy record and have it auto-populate within the database. As an added bonus, they’ve found the cloud-based capabilities to be essential because they’re able to work from anywhere at anytime (which, being in Illinois, definitely comes in handy in inclement weather). Illiana no longer worries about the compatibility issues they faced before with computer system upgrades, nor do they struggle accessing the system when they’re not on their desk computers. They have found all the features to be extremely beneficial, but the efficiencies experienced in their day-to-day processes using AgencyBloc are invaluable.

Kathy B.

"We never knew how efficient our business processes could be until we started using AgencyBloc. We love all the capabilities and efficiencies it allows us."

Kathy B.

Illiana Insurance Agency, Ltd.