Webinar Recap - The Virtual Agency: How to Sell and Service Anywhere, Anytime

The Virtual Agency

In this BlocTalk webinar presented by Steve Anderson, Steve discusses reasons why you would use remote staffing, what kinds of jobs you could potentially delegate to these remote staff members, and where to find them. Steve dives into the details and answers common questions such as "how do I manage remote staff members?" and "how will my team members collaborate?" 

Steve provides tried and tested solutions that are working for himself as well as successful agencies all across the country. Read some of the topics that the webinar covers and take some time to watch the full presentation.

What makes a virtual office?

  • Access from anywhere
  • Information available to everyone
  • Easy communication
  • Fast connection
  • Effective use of technology

Remote Staffing (Assistant)

The insurance industry in general has an older demographic of employees and as these employees retire many agencies are struggling to replace them. A possible solution to this problem is remote staff members.

  • Should you use an executive assistant?
  • What work are you doing that you are not good at?
  • Are you doing $25/hour work?
  • How/where can I find remote staff members?

Remote Staffing (Project)

Maybe you don't necessarily need an employee (full or part-time) but you occasionally need some help with certain projects. There are a number of options online that offer project assistance which Steve has used and explains in detail in his webinar.

  • Marketing projects
  • Research
  • Blog and article writing
  • Illustrations and graphics
  • What options are available online?

Along with the above topics, learn how your agency can benefit from a virtual agency by retaining key talent, improving productivity, providing better customer service and more!

Click below to view the full webinar:

Virtual Agency -Video

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