What Can Be Organized in an Agency Management System?

Organized in AMS

Staying organized when you are pulled in many different directions by clients, carriers and co-workers can be incredibly difficult. Your notes may be taken on whatever piece of paper is handy at the time, and who knows if you’ll be able to find it again or, if you do, if you’ll be able to decipher your chicken scratch or shorthand!

This is where having a system that can help you stay organized (and create efficiencies) is a great asset for you. An Agency Management System (AMS) is a great way to stay organized. An AMS is a SaaS (Software as a Service) technology or client-based software that insurance agencies use to organize their book-of-business and more effectively run their operations. Because it is so focused, it will have fields that align with your specific needs and maybe even give you fields you didn’t even know you wanted!

What can you organize in an industry-specific AMS?

  • Contact info
    This is the CRM functionality of an AMS.
  • Policy & Coverage Info
    And AMS helps you keep all the necessary information about your client’s policy in a consistent format no matter what carrier they are with.
  • Group Connections
    If you are working with a group, you’ll want to connect the individuals with their group.
  • Notes from contacting your clients & prospects
    These can be typed in directly or attached from scanned paper versions (you can also take a photo of your note & attach it!)
  • Family Relationships
    Did you just realize Jane Buck is related to John Doe? Add the relation connection.

Standard processes & followups

Using automated workflows, you can setup the standard process you want followed for incoming leads, client onboarding and policy renewals, or reminders for license expirations and client greetings. This will help the entire agency to look consistent in their communications and follow-ups.

Having all of this information in one place and accessible outside of the office would be a great asset. Plus, it makes your agency (your brand!) look like it has it all together and has a consist form of communication.

The organization offered by an AMS allows you to have backup plans and less stress if you take a vacation or a sudden health emergency comes up. If you need someone to fill-in for you, they can find what they need in one location rather than having to dig through your files or constantly call you with questions. An AMS offers an organizational structure that is consistent across your entire agency.

AMS vs. CRM: What You Need to Know

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