Why Indecision is Unhealthy & How to Combat It

Why Indecision is Unhealthy & How to Combat It

Is it a big deal?

Is indecision really that big of a deal? Yes. This can become a major roadblock for your insurance agency when you know it’s time to upgrade your technology to an Agency Management System (AMS) but can’t get yourself to make that final commitment. By neglecting to choose, you could be stagnating the progress your insurance agency has already made.

What's the damage?

Continuously choosing to not make a decision is corrosive to our psyche and tears our confidence apart bit by bit. By deciding to not decide, we lose confidence in our ability to make a decision, which helps create the illusion that we are incapable of choosing and pushes us to second guess ourselves more in the future. In addition, the lack of choosing creates confusion and unneeded stress that bogs you down. This stress then builds upon itself, causing a deluge of negative emotions which weigh down our minds, ensnare our productivity, and ultimately stress us out even more.

“When indecision loiters in our brain, it impacts our performance. Like computer files launched and left open, the speed at which our computer (aka brain) is able to process dwindles. Performance suffers.” Jackie Nagel

How can you combat it?

Huffington Post mapped out 5 steps to add to your decision-making framework that can help aid you in not only making a decision but ultimately making the right one. I’ve summarized the steps for you here:

  1. Mission, Vision & Strategies. Look at your choices and compare each with these three foundational elements of your business. If a choice doesn’t align with all of them is it really the right choice for you? If it does, and you feel confident, do it, don’t linger in indecision.
  2. Goals. We’ve talked a lot about goals and goal-setting. How do all the choices impact the goals (long-term and short-term) you’ve set for your insurance agency? If they don’t help you obtain your goal, then what other benefit would they bring to your agency?
  3. Gut. It sounds like a cliche, but trusting your gut is important. Your gut is your innermost voice of reason, and it’s often on the right track. If you get the heebee-geebees from one of the choices, then you probably shouldn’t choose that option. On the other hand, if your gut tells you this is something you need to do, don’t let fear of change paralyze your ability to commit to a decision.
  4. Timeline. Give yourself a deadline to make the decision. Choose a short-term deadline so as to not drag out the process further. I would suggest no more than 72-hours and would highly encourage 24-hour deadlines to set for yourself. By doing this, you’re forcing yourself to not only consider all the options, but you’re also forcing your psyche to choose.
  5. A Coin. If you can’t decide between two options, then flip a coin. This works in two ways: 
    1. You’re ultimately stuck between two options and can’t hope to choose. The coin flipping to choose will leave the choice up to fate and will provide you with the finality you crave.
    2. By taking the decision out of your power, you’ll start hoping for the flipping coin to land on a certain side. Thus your choice has been made. 

Indecision is a decision

Indecision is the decision to remain in limbo when you are fully aware that a decision should be made, and made in a timely manner. As a decision maker in the progress and growth of an agency, your purpose is to aid that progress and growth. Understand your role and don’t let indecision cripple your purpose.  

“You will never be indecisive if you know your purpose.” - Lou Holtz

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By Allison Babberl on January 31, 2017 in Productivity

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