[eBook] Insurance Agency Technology: Database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing

In this eBook, you'll learn what insurance agencies are using when it comes to database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing.

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Insurance Agency Technology

What technology is your insurance agency utilizing? Each new year is an opportunity for insurance agencies to look back and reflect on the previous year and consider where improvements could be made. In 2017, agencies will be looking at the technology they’re currently using to help them run their operations more smoothly.

Insurance Agency Technology in 2017

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  • What are 46% of insurance agencies are using to manage their book-of-business?
  • What is insurance agencies' #1 challenge?
  • What do agencies use to process and track commissions?
  • What digital marketing tools are agencies utilizing?
  • What plans do insurance agencies have for technology in 2017?

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