Step 1: Learning to Trust "The Cloud"

Welcome to our brand new blog series: Five Steps to Choosing an Agency Management System. In this series we'll explain 5 important steps to choosing an agency management system. Use this series and other resources here on this blog to gain the knowledge needed to make wise decisions when assigned with the important task of choosing an agency management system. Enjoy!

Step 1: Learning to Trust "The Cloud"

Have you heard your IT team, your kids, and even advertisements talk about "the cloud?" Cloud-based computing is a game-changer when talking about software for your business - it's more secure, more customizable and has infinitely more storage capacity and power. While it's easy to understand the benefits of the cloud, it's sometimes more difficult to trust that using "the cloud" is the right decision for you.

Consider for a moment the "old days" of 20 years ago. You needed a new agency management system to track your leads and customer information. You went to the software section of a big-box retail store, asked questions of an employee who had never used the software and then read a manual to install and set up the system. It was cheap. It was fast. But it wasn't a long-term solution.

With conventional, premises-based software (both then and now), the initial fees are only a small portion of the total cost of ownership. In fact, Gartner Inc. found that up to 80% of the cost of deploying and maintaining on-premise applications is not due to the initial purchase, but to costs related to hardware and software administration.

Not only are there high costs involved with any type of customization, support, and training, there are often storage capacity problems, server crashes and failed backups to deal with. And with more companies embracing flexible work hours and environments, on-premise software makes it difficult to allow your employees to work anywhere except their desk.

Is your pulse racing yet? Luckily, you can let the cloud save the day.

Software as a solution (or SaaS) systems like AgencyBloc allow you and your employees to do their jobs without the hassle. With cloud-based systems, you can access your information securely from wherever you have an internet connection. And, SaaS systems generally come with many more customization options, training and support than a traditional system. Best of all, rather than fitting your agency into a pre-built system, your agency can dictate how the system works.

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Step 1:Trust the Cloud

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