[Infographic] Which Stats Your Insurance Agency Should Be Paying Attention To

Understanding Your Book of Business

Data analysis (also data analytics) can help give you an insight into the health and well-being of your book of business. To learn more about what data analysis is and how you can use it in your insurance agency, check out our comprehensive blog: The What, Why, & How of Data Analysis for Insurance Agencies.

We researched how our clients use the Dashboard Analytics feature and Advanced Search and Report features in AgencyBloc to give them insight into their books of business. Read the infographic below to learn more about these features and how our agencies are using them.

Simply click on the infographic to enlarge it in a new window:

Which Stats Your Agency Should be Paying Attention to

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Allison Babberl

By Allison Babberl on September 6, 2017 in Technology

Allison is the Marketing Content Specialist at AgencyBloc. She creates educational content and designs videos to promote AgencyBloc's resources to help you organize, automate, and grow your insurance agency. Favorite quote: “Conversation is the bedrock of relationships. Without it, our relationships are devoid of substance.” -Maribeth Kuzmeski  More articles


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