Insurance Agent Software And Other Tools You'll Need To Succeed

Insurance Agent Software And Other Tools You'll Need To Succeed
Logan Strain

This guest blog post was written by Logan Strain, Digital Content Specialist at NextGen Leads. NextGen Leads takes a unique approach to lead generation for insurance agencies that allows them to deliver exceptional value to their customers in three distinct areas: Lead quality, technology and customer experience.

The beauty of working as an insurance agent is that you can have a wildly successful career with little more than organizational skills, a positive attitude, and a knack for handling people.

But if you want to make the most of your abilities, you also need top-notch industry tools. Effective insurance agent software helps you zip through your daily tasks effortlessly, nurtures your leads automatically, and gives you insight into what’s working—and what isn’t. When you combine smart tools with the right sales attitude, your client list will grow like a well-fertilized weed.

Here are a few essential items that you should always keep in your toolbox.

Auto Dialer

Telling an insurance broker that an auto dialer is important is like telling a NASCAR driver that they need an engine in their car. It’s obvious, but it still needs to be said. During those days when you’re only closing new leads, an auto dialer is a lifesaver. When you don’t even have to think abou the next number to call, let alone dial it yourself, you can focus on what’s really important. Namely, making those crucial points of contact that bring you closer to a sale.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A quality CRM tool is like having a second brain. It keeps track of your leads, records information, and documents every interaction. When you have this much personalized info, it makes every lead feel like they’re your biggest priority.
Still keeping track of your leads in your email client or a simple spreadsheet? I would strongly suggest you upgrade to a more sophisticated CRM. You’ll have to remember a lot less, and you’ll notice an instant improvement in how much you get done in a day.
The best part? Once you’ve gathered enough data, you can start analyzing your CRM to create buyer personas.

Lead Gen Source

Leads are the raw material you use to build your business. If you don’t have a consistent way to bring in qualified leads, your business will stall.
We admit that we’re a little biased, but we honestly think that NextGen is the best way to keep your lead pipeline flowing smoothly. We give you an awesome amount of power over your leads, so you only dial up prospects that you’re confident you can close. Plus, we’ve shunned a sadly common practice in the industry: selling “exclusive” leads to multiple agents. When you buy an exclusive lead, it’s truly exclusive. Create an account today, and see why we’re different.


If you really want to take your operation to the next level, activate your analytical mind. When you have data on your sales campaigns, month-to-month sales, and which policies people renew, you can focus on business practices that actually grow your business. But to generate these kinds of reports, you need to know your way around a spreadsheet. And though some have challenged its throne over the years, Microsoft Excel is still king of the rows and columns.
When you create forms that help you understand trends, you’ll do better business.

Email Marketing Tools

The phone is essential, but it’s only one way to talk to leads and clients. If you want to be an effective agent in the 21st century, you need more means to make your pitch. That’s why you should take advantage of something your clients use every day: email. Email may sound like old technology in the age of social media, but it’s still one of the most effective communication tools.
With an email system that fires off cheery messages automatically, you can give your income a boost with little extra work. There are two areas in which email marketing works magic for insurance agents.

1) Lead Nurturing

You didn’t close your lead on the first call? Not a problem. You can still keep them interested with the help of an email message series. By thanking your lead for their time, reminding them what you talked about, and giving them an easy way to call or email you back, you’ll increase your conversion rate.

2) Client Retention

Renewals are a lucrative source of passive income for agents. But if your clients feel neglected, they won’t think twice about speaking to another agent to switch policies. Keep all your clients in the loop by sending them regular email updates. A quarterly email blast to check in or offer industry news will remind them why they bought their plan through you.

Insurance Agent Software Is Only As Good As The User

All the tools in the world can’t replace the basics that have helped generations of insurance salespeople succeed: rapport building, a thorough knowledge of what you’re selling, and a genuine desire to help people protect what they love. hen you have all those elements in place and tools to support you, you’ll turn off your computer and hang up your headset every day knowing that you crushed it.

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By Logan Strain on March 23, 2016 in Technology


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