In 2008, AgencyBloc was founded, and the very first life and health insurance agencies were testing out our industry-specific CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and powerful commissions processing system.

2023 marks our 15-year anniversary. Today, AgencyBloc is the #1 Agency Recommended Management Platform in the life and health insurance space with over 6,500 customers across multiple solutions within the platform.

As we look back on the last 15 years, we’ve approached growth by leaning on our team’s strong culture and focusing on our clients’ ever-evolving needs in everything we do. 

Our vision for the future is to grow the AgencyBloc platform to further support agencies throughout their workflow—from prospecting to client retention and commissions processing—with a suite of valuable solutions. And to continue to support the culture of this team that has been invaluable to our success. 

To celebrate this 15-year milestone, we asked team members to reflect and answer a few questions about their experience at AgencyBloc, what they’re most excited about in the future, and, of course, what some of their favorite memories are. Here are some of those responses…

Which core value resonates most with you?

AgencyBloc’s 4 Core Values are:

  • We solve problems for our customers
  • We give ourselves the autonomy to be awesome
  • We will be human
  • We are maniacal about success

When asked which of our 4 core values resonates with them most, the majority of our team members said "We Will Be Human".

Taylor B.“‘We will be human’ resonates the most with me because at the end of the day, we are all human. We make mistakes, and we fix and learn from those mistakes. I think this core value is a great way to lead a business.” —Taylor Behrens, Member of The Bloc since 2018

Don H.“We will be human. We are one team. Our success depends on each other!” —Don Harvey, Member of The Bloc since 2023

Our core value, We Will Be Human, is one that you’ll hear often in meetings, during strategy or brainstorming sessions, and within conversations with our sales and client success teams. It is an integral part of our brand and how we strive to be every day.

Why did you join AgencyBloc?

Much like the question above, AgencyBloc team members had a similar answer to why they chose AgencyBloc: the team culture.

Eric C.“I felt like the culture of the company was where I wanted to be.” —Eric Conrad, Member of The Bloc since 2021

Sarah R.“From the very beginning, it felt like a perfect culture fit. And it is!” —Sarah Rosonke, Member of The Bloc since 2021

Neal P.“My passion is helping people and working with software that genuinely improves people's lives. Joining AgencyBloc allowed me to have the best of both worlds!” —Neal Price, Member of The Bloc since 2017

Ryan C.“To help people, help people.” —Ryan Carman, Member of The Bloc since 2019

Tim R.“I saw a great opportunity to continue to scale an amazing company.” —Tim Robinson, Member of The Bloc since 2023

And this isn’t just something AgencyBloc team members talk about. Our clients often cite the experience they have with AgencyBloc as a reason they choose to partner with us. When an organization prioritizes company culture, that culture naturally radiates to its clients. 

What's your favorite thing about being a Member of The Bloc?

Once someone joins The Bloc, whether they’re a team member or a client, they often cite our people as one of the reasons they enjoy being part of this community and recommend it to others.

When asked what their favorite thing is about being a Member of The Bloc, most made note of the team camaraderie.

Steve O.“The team atmosphere.” —Steve Ogden, Member of The Bloc since 2016

Tayler H.“I love that I'm encouraged to grow in the areas I'm interested in and that I get to use my skills and interests to help make AgencyBloc even better with some really great people.” —Tayler Hassman, Member of The Bloc since 2018

Dan L.“The teamwork attitude of every team member I've spoken to.” —Dan Lavely, Member of The Bloc since 2022

What are you most proud of in your career with AgencyBloc?

Over the past 15 years, we’ve brought on talented, driven team members who have catapulted our success. And the culture has kept them around. In fact, the majority of the team members who joined in the first few years are still part of the team today. 

When asked what they’re most proud of, many team members pointed to building their skills and helping clients succeed.

Amber P.“I'm just getting started with the company, but I have loved getting to jump in and plan BlocBuilder.” —Amber Petkosek, Member of The Bloc since 2022

Tasha F.“Seeing agencies successfully adopt and depend on our system.  It's not easy switching programs and it's so great to see an agency get over the initial hurdles and become successful!” —Tasha Fitzgerald, Member of The Bloc since 2014

Gary M.“Onboarding clients. Watching an agency grow and use AgencyBloc successfully is always a proud time.” —Gary Marr, Member of The Bloc since 2014

Collin E.“How much my skills have developed while working here.” —Collin Eggena, Member of The Bloc since 2017

Dave T.“Knowing I've been an enabler. I've been able to help solve problems for our customers and for our company. Building tools that help people do more, do it easier, and take satisfaction in the work they're doing is really rewarding.” —Dave Thompson, Member of The Bloc since 2016

What advice would you give to future Members of The Bloc?

Whenever we ask this of team members, especially in the last few years, there’s a common theme: be ready for change. 

One of our core values is “We give ourselves the autonomy to be awesome.” This means, as a company, we are really skilled in following the path that leads to the most value for our clients. And, often, that requires us to pivot along the way as the industry changes. But, our team members embrace this and accept the challenge every day.

Anne S.“Prepare for an amazing adventure!” —Anne Salem, Member of The Bloc since 2020

Zak J.“If it comes your way, embrace it, challenge yourself, and let it help you grow.” —Zak Jenn, Member of The Bloc since 2020

Anne L.“Stay nimble.” —Anne Lind, Member of The Bloc since 2021

Carter M.“Ask good questions, and don't worry about learning it all at can be like drinking from a firehose.” —Carter Moore, Member of The Bloc since 2022

Want to join the AgencyBloc team? Check out our careers page.

What excites you most about the future of AgencyBloc?

Another of our core values is “We solve problems for our customers,” and our mission from day one has been to transform the organizations who use AgencyBloc. As a team, that’s what excites us most about the future of AgencyBloc: we’re in a position to truly transform organizations with our evolving platform that addresses the problems life and health agencies face today.

The team echoed this sentiment…

Erica K.“The strength of our brand is unstoppable, and our team is stronger than ever!” —Erica Kiefer, Member of The Bloc since 2014

Brittany L.“Our product continues to get better and better to serve our client community that is specific to their needs. Client feedback is what has allowed us to continue to mold and create a bigger and better product!” —Brittany Liggins, Member of The Bloc since 2018

Karthik I.“The business and its products coming together and complementing each other for the overall growth of the company.” —Karthik Iyer, Member of The Bloc since 2023

Pete B.“Building upon existing functionality and adding brand new valuable features for our clients.” —Pete Bernardy, Member of The Bloc since 2020

Mike I.“Our fast growth and expansion into being a leader in the marketplace while still holding onto our core values.” —Mike Ivory, Member of The Bloc since 2012

Jeff T.“I think the marketplace is aching for a more complete solution for the front and back office, and we have a huge opportunity here to unlock that potential for our clients and prospects.” —Jeff Thibadeau, Member of The Bloc since 2021

So, what does the future hold for AgencyBloc? The past 15 years of strong, steady growth humbles us, and we’re thankful every day to serve our clients. These past 15 years also excite us incredibly about the future. We’re focused on the vision of a platform that supports brokers and agencies at every step in their workflow: Sales Enablement, Quoting, Client and Policy Management, Commissions Processing, and more.

We wholeheartedly believe our success and strength have come from our commitment to transforming the way insurance organizations do business. We do this through providing a strong technology platform, valuable client support and educational resources, cultivating a community of driven insurance professionals, and, most importantly, upholding the core values and company culture we’ve prioritized since day one.

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