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Our lives are busy. We work, commute, cook, do laundry, play with our kids, talk to our significant others, walk the dog and then try to catch some Zs. Typically our to-do lists have more on them than we can get done in 24 hours. One advancement that has helped us manage that overload is automation of the simple repetitive tasks.

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Here are a few tasks that I have automated in my daily life and rarely have to think about.

  • Thermostat - the programmable thermostat was a great addition for those who wanted to run their furnace or air conditioners more efficiently, but have the house comfortable upon their arrival home. Program the times you want the temperature to change and go about your daily routine.
  • Coffee Makers - some can’t start their work day without coffee, myself included. So coffeemaker companies responded, programmable coffeemakers. Set the time you want your coffee to start brewing, pull yourself out of bed and the coffee's ready!
  • Ice Makers - yes, we have reached a time that ice trays are no longer needed. Many of our newer generations will not realize what ease it is to reach in and have ice without having to have the day you reach in and find that the last person to take ice didn’t fill the tray!
  • Bill Pay - great addition added to banks, credit cards, utility companies and more. Having late payments should become a thing of the past, using automatic bill pay or scheduled bill pay has made these tasks done without thought.
  • Phone Apps - You can streamline so many processes with phone apps - shopping lists, paying a cashier, pizza ordering, banking, budgets, etc. Plus a family member can be using the same thing, so it’s shared and not in just one location.
  • Amazon Alexa - I now have an automated grocery list! I no longer have to track down the paper list I started or remember to write it down, if I am in range of Alexa I just yell it out, if I’m not I use my phone. Then it’s right on my phone when I need it at the store, no more forgetting the list on the counter or seeing it blow across the parking lot!

How does this apply to insurance agencies?

Technology keeps advancing to make our daily lives easier. We live in a world of advancement, so why only use technology to automate your personal tasks? If you’re like most agents, you’re working more than 40 hours a week, so using technology to automate repetitive tasks during those hours only makes sense.

Having automation in your office allows you to focus more time on your clients and revenue generating tasks. If you could automate email sends, like email greetings or reminder emails, why wouldn’t you?

Here are a few tasks an agency management system (AMS) could automate for you:

Automation works in your favor, it simplifies your day, creates a more efficient way of living your daily life and doing your job.

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Posted by Kelsey Rosauer on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 in Insurance Automation

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