How to Sell & Connect with Seniors

The senior market is comprised of a wide variety of individuals that like their communication in many distinct ways. Some are technologically savvy; others much prefer a card, phone call or in-person visit. 

Some go both ways.

Regardless of how they like to receive their communications, one thing is for sure, they want honest, transparent communication and value that higher than all else. Consistent, meaningful communication can be a lot to maintain, but you can use one little trick to make it easier. 

Hint: it’s automation.

How to Maintain Consistent Communication with Workflow Automation

Communication is essential, but it can be difficult to remember to reconnect and maintain that level of conversation. 

This hurdle can be overcome with workflow automation.

Tallyfy defines workflow automation as “a created series of automated actions for the steps in a business process. It is used to improve everyday business processes because when your work flows, you can concentrate on getting more done and focusing on the things that matter. It allows teams to spend more time on the actual work itself and less time on the processes that support them.”

Automation is a tool that allows you to work smarter, not harder, and help you stay on top of your book of business, your client communications, your daily tasks, and all of the other stuff you need to get done in the day. In AgencyBloc, our automation tool is Automated Workflow.

Carrier Communication Guides for New Clients

Some plans and carriers require engagement policies that ensure continuous communications between you and your client—and you must be compliant with them. For example, Humana has a 3-30-60-90 Day Conversation Guide.

This guide is for newly enrolled Humana members and outlines four specific days you need to connect with your client and what information you must cover. Remembering this process can be difficult, though, since everyone won’t enroll on the same day. However, to stay compliant with the carrier and your agreement, you must make the connection. 

Let’s run through how the 3-30-60-90 Day Humana Guide could look using Automated Workflows:

  • Set up a Workflow for all Humana policies to trigger when the policy status is updated to ACTIVE
  • Create triggers to alert you 3 days, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days after the policy is updated to ACTIVE 
  • Put in notes from the Conversation Guide on what to discuss each day—it’d also be helpful to post or keep the guide at your desk
  • Determine how you want to be alerted: email, task, or both

From there, the automation will run on its own to notify you when days 3, 30, 60, and 90 occur. This way you can stay compliant, stay in touch, and improve your odds of client retention.

Using workflow automation, you can put a process behind your client onboarding initiatives. Learn more about what to do and how to set it up with our free PDF: 7 Steps to Onboarding a New Client.

Ongoing Client Conversation Check-Ins

Yes, it’s vital to set up consistent, meaningful communication to onboard new clients and get them going. But, it’s also crucial to maintain that level of communication throughout their client journey.

The #1 reason clients leave their agency is due to a “lack of regular and meaningful communication.” Your clients want to hear from you, and they want to hear from you regularly. 

Automation can help make this happen.

With Automated Workflows, you can set up ongoing touchpoints with your clients to maintain a consistent level of communication, boost client retention, and continuously build your agent-client relationships. Common client touchpoint workflows we see are:

  • Policy renewal reminders
  • Happy birthday celebrations
  • Happy client anniversary celebrations
  • Turning 65 notifications

Using these workflows, you can put a process behind your communication efforts to streamline your ongoing client conversations without the hassle of always remembering to do so.

Danny M.

"Since starting using Automated Workflows less than 2 months ago, I've written 6 new clients and I have received 6 referrals for new business. AgencyBloc allows me to set up a workflow timeline for my entire book of business 'hands off'."
—Danny M.,


Continuously build and grow your client retention by putting the focus back on the communications you have with your clients. Not quite sure what else to send? Download our free email and workflow templates: Client Retention Emails & Workflow Recipes.

Working and Nurturing New Leads

We’ve discussed using workflow automation for onboarding new clients and maintaining communication with existing clients, but there is one more piece to the puzzle for communicating with seniors: using automation for new senior leads.

Yes, seniors are online, so you must have the ability to capture them at their peak level of interest. 

To streamline this process and make your lead nurturing strategies incredibly efficient, you need to do the following:

  • Build a lead form and place it on your website—optimize your lead form to ensure it’s made for conversion
  • Tie your lead form to your agency management system (AMS) to funnel the lead information directly into your AMS—check out the customizable Lead Form builder in AgencyBloc
  • Attach workflow automation to your lead form to notify you instantly of a new lead submission—with Automated Workflows, you can receive this notification via email or task assignment
  • Create additional actions for your workflow to create a conversion-focused lead nurturing process—learn the 5 steps to take a lead from interested to invested

Once this is live, you will instantly be notified of new leads to reach out to and have a documented, proven process to help you nurture and convert your leads. For more ideas of what automation and communications you can use for lead nurturing, check out these free templates: Lead Nurturing Email & Workflow Recipes.

Reaping the Benefits of Workflow Automation

Having automation capabilities in your arsenal by using an AMS like AgencyBloc can put you ahead of your competition. Automation allows you to stay in better contact with your clients and prospects and stay on top of your business.

It can simplify your life and help you to work smarter, not harder. Plus, it can definitely reduce some of your stress during AEP and OEP.

Pam S.

"AgencyBloc is awesome! Last year we saved a minimum of 40 hours (a whole week!) during Open Enrollment. Anyone in life and health, individual business, and Medicare knows we're constantly under a time crunch, so the time savings is priceless."
—Pam S., Redline Health


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This blog was originally posted on October 23, 2018 and republished on September 22, 2020.

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