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This guest blog post was written by Bob Brzyski, Vice President of Marketing and New Business at Pinnacle Financial Services, Inc. Pinnacle Financial Services, Inc. is an FMO (Field Marketing Office) that works with its agent partners to provide the best in services and technology by making insurance processing easier and more accessible.

How to Organize Your Life & Health Insurance Agency To Proactively Address Change

A new year lends itself to thinking about new ideas. New ideas on how to manage your business better, increase efficiencies, and grow sales and revenue through improved productivity. 

Using these tips, your agency can become more proactive with your efforts and ensure you’re perfectly positioned to handle any changes the industry throws your way.

4 Tips for Organizing Your Business

There are many ways to organize your business, but here are four ways that I recommend you start with:

  • Streamline your processes: Identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your current processes. This might involve automating certain tasks, delegating more efficiently, reorganizing your workflow, or finding redundant tasks or processes that can be eliminated.
  • Implement an industry-specific customer relationship management (CRM) system such as AgencyBloc: A CRM system can help you keep track of customer interactions and data, manage sales and marketing efforts, and improve communication within your agency. Working “smarter, not harder” is a statement to live by when running your business.
  • Use technology to your advantage: There are many tools and software solutions available that can help you streamline your processes and improve productivity. For example, you could use a digital file storage system to reduce the time spent searching for physical documents, or you could use a quote comparison tool to speed up the sales process. Implementing technology can be scary, but in the long run, it can increase sales and free up your team for other tasks.
  • Review and optimize your staffing levels: Make sure you have the right number of employees to handle the workload in a timely and efficient manner. If you have too few employees, your team may be overwhelmed, and productivity may suffer. Time studies are a great way to see if your team is spending too much time on just the urgent tasks and not enough time on the important ones that will grow your business.

Once you have made your agency more organized, you can start to create processes to tackle any changes and ensure your team is equipped to handle them. 

6 Steps to Follow When Managing New Industry Changes

Making a solid plan for your insurance agency is the only way to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that you get the results you want. You can approach changes by following these steps:

  1. Determine the issue: You must clearly define the issue you're attempting to tackle before you can develop a solution. This could be looking at data, speaking with your staff/leadership members, or doing customer research.
  2. Set specific objectives: After determining the issue, you can specify the outcomes you intend to attain by making the necessary adjustments. These objectives must be time-bound, meaningful, quantifiable, reachable, and explicit (SMART) goals.
  3. Create a plan of action: Create a plan of action with your goals in mind. This could include alterations to your organizational structure or workforce numbers, process enhancements, and technological fixes.
  4. Share the plan: It's critical to share the strategy with all parties involved, including staff members, clients, and other partners. This will aid in educating them about the alterations and what to anticipate, as well as increase buy-in and support for the strategy.
  5. Monitor progress and adjust: As you implement the changes, it's important to monitor progress and adjust as needed. This might involve collecting data and analyzing it or talking to employees and customers to get feedback.
  6. Continuously improve: Once the changes are in place, it's important to constantly monitor and improve the process. This will help you identify new opportunities for efficiency and growth and make sure that the changes continue to deliver the desired results over time.

5 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Agency

Now that you’ve organized your agency and put processes in place to be proactive, it’s time to look at your agency’s productivity. 

A fantastic way to increase output and performance at your insurance agency is by investing in your employees. Here are some ways you may support your team:

  • Give your team members the chance to learn and grow: By giving your team members the opportunity to learn and grow, you may assist them in improving their performance in their current jobs and acquiring new skills and information. Online learning opportunities, live seminars, or guidance from more seasoned coworkers are a few examples.
  • Encourage your staff to do professional development: Reward your team members who continue their education. This might be done by paying for their college expenses/continued education classes or by giving them credit for their newfound knowledge and abilities.
  • Create an atmosphere of transparency and recognition: Fostering open communication, praising and rewarding outstanding work, and attending to any issues or concerns that may arise will help to create a happy and supportive work environment. Even a simple “thank you” note!
  • Offer incentives and rewards: Giving your employees incentives and prizes can inspire them and increase productivity. Bonuses, stock options, or other kinds of monetary incentives are some common options.
  • Provide possibilities for professional progression: Offer internal promotions or leadership development initiatives as means of career advancement inside your organization. This can aid in employee retention and enable them to perceive a clear route for professional advancement within your company.

Investing in your team can create a more engaged, motivated, and productive workforce that is better equipped to help your agency succeed.

Putting forth efforts to organize your agency, create processes that improve your efficiency, and invest in your team all help your agency become more productive and able to manage the ever-happening changes in the life and health insurance space. Follow these tips to set the groundwork, but ensure you make the process unique to your agency and your needs.

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Posted by Bob Brzyski on Tuesday, February 21, 2023 in Insurance Agency Management System

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