What Are Mobile Life and Health Insurance Agencies?

It’s no secret that the world is becoming increasingly more digital, including businesses like yours. Consider the following:

However, with all of those great benefits, studies show that adoption is still low. In fact, the average adoption rate across industries is 26%. For many it can be a scary transition, but it’s also a necessary one. This blog will help you better understand the process of moving, why you should do it, and how to start your mobile AMS adventure. 

We’ll cover a couple of your major questions about mobile insurance agencies including:

  1. Why should you be mobile?
  2. How can you go mobile?

Question #1: Why should insurance agencies be mobile?

Let’s look at what a non-mobile insurance agency looks like. First off, without a mobile or digital means to manage your book of business—like a cloud-based management platform—you’re restricted to only working from where your data is stored. 

This can mean working from your home office where you have a desktop-based, or on-premise, management system. These include legacy CRMs, spreadsheet-based systems, homegrown CRM solutions, and paper files. 

The major pain point with many of these systems is the lack of flexibility in where and how you work. It’s difficult to meet clients on-site or discuss client-specific data while in the field. For example, if a client calls you while you’re out and about what do you do? Take down their question and say you’ll call them back later? 

To overcome those pain points, the best option is to invest in a system that allows you to access your book of business from anywhere. 

What do you mean mobile?

To truly be mobile, your system must follow these three criteria:

  • It’s responsive
  • It’s organized
  • It’s flexible

Mobile systems are cloud-based systems that are accessible from any device in any location. You can work off of WIFI or off of the data plan associated with your phone/tablet. This allows you to be prepared regardless of where you are or what you’re doing because you’re organized, and it gives you the opportunity to be flexible with when you work and where. 

An example of this is when you’re at tradeshows, conferences, or off-site CE courses. 

If a client calls you during one of these meetings in a panic about their policy, you can help them on the spot. 

Question #2: How can I become mobile?

The key to finding a system that can work with you anywhere is finding one that is cloud-based

This means everything is securely stored in the cloud and safely accessible wherever you go. It reduces the need for on-site storage facilities that require significant resources and allows you to work on the go. To learn more about cloud-based software specifically, check out our blog On-Premise Software vs. Hosted Software: What You Need to Know.

The transition to a cloud-based system can come with a lot of added benefits, including: 

  • You can improve your customer service response times
  • Your staff can do more on-site visits with clients
  • You’ll attract more younger applicants due to the flexibility in work you can provide
  • Your agency is more organized and productive
  • Your agency’s communication is improved, overall

Where do I start?

The first step is deciding the change to a mobile AMS is necessary. The second is figuring out which system is the right fit for your agency. 

A good way to start the second step is to figure out what’s important. What is crucial for your agency to have immediately to maintain your bottom line, and what are nice additives that will help propel your business even further to achieve your goals. 

Use these resources to help you navigate the growing cloud-based AMS field so you ensure you’re partnering with a software that will help you thrive:

Technology is growing at a rapid pace in our world and those who choose not to embrace it are losing a critical competitive edge. We have become an instant gratification society and like to have our questions and concerns answered ASAP. So the more efficiently you can answer your client’s questions and calm their worries, the better.

In an industry where you can only offer so many different kinds of plans, you have to rely on other areas to make your difference—and customer service is a great place to start!

Ready to start your mobile journey?

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This blog was originally published on April 20, 2016, and updated on September 24, 2019.

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