This blog post is based on an interview with Matthew King, Co-Owner of TR King Insurance Marketing. It has been posted with his approval and permission. 

Note: AB denotes AgencyBloc and MK denotes Matthew King

Continuing with our Expert Series blogs, I had the opportunity to ask Matthew King, Co-Owner of TR King Insurance Marketing, about his thoughts on why young people should become insurance agents and how to attract them to your agency. Thank you, Matthew, for your time and contribution!

AgencyBloc: Why did you decide to continue your father’s legacy in insurance instead of going a different way with your career?

Matthew King: About a year before leaving the Air Force in 2014, I was putting together resumes, calling around to get setup for interviews, sending connections I had gained over the years personal emails to find a job. My Father, knowing my Information Technology background simply said, “why don’t you come work here and help out”.

At the time, I knew I wanted to work somewhere I could make a big difference and also be in control of what I did on a daily basis (something you don’t have in armed forces). Additionally, I saw opportunity for growth in his business and myself as a person. So I took the leap. I enjoy helping others, and what’s better than helping agents cement their clients’ financial security.

AB: What do you think the primary contributor to fewer next-gen agents/agency owners is?

MK: I believe that the biggest culprit is just the way our generation and after grew up. We grew up with computers, communicating online, not meeting people face to face and focusing on getting things done as quickly as possible. I believe that the insurance industry still lags behind this way of interacting for the most part (it’s getting better, of course) and that deters younger agents.

AB: What are some of the best resources you have found for young people considering the insurance agent professional track?


  • A business/marketing plan template
  • Access to fellow insurance professionals
  • Instant quoting tools for your market—for the senior market we use CSG
  • A needs analysis template
  • A solid sales process to follow
  • Cloud based CRM to help with client retention
  • Find a good mentor and latch on to them
  • An amazing book to read about running your business—I suggest The E-Myth Revisted

AB: What advice do you have for agencies trying to attract young agents?

MK: Prepare step by step guides with actionable content that young agents can follow. Provide that content in both written format and video format. Aside from the fact that people learn differently, choosing to read or listen to your guide is also situational. Agencies should be prepared to give direction and guidance at all times to “newer” agents not even just younger agents.

AB: What advice do you have for associations or groups promoting the health & life profession when it comes to drawing in younger members?

MK: If you are doing webinars or podcasts, strip out all the fluff. Talk about real problems and how to solve them. Again, provide what actions can be taken to get rid of the problems younger agents face today. Establish the best practices to follow and stress the importance of starting off on the right foot.

AB: For any young professionals reading this, what would you say is the number one reason they should take the leap and become an agent?

MK: True freedom to make your own path. It is starting your own business and with that comes a lot of freedoms you don’t get elsewhere working for someone else.

AB: What is your favorite thing about your career as an insurance professional?

MK: I would say this is more just one of my favorite things in general but applies to the insurance profession. The moment that I know and hear we’ve made a true difference in an agent’s life. When you hear that agent’s smile on the other end of the phone shining through as they exhale a breath of excitement and relief, knowing they’re helping real families and building their business. That’s my favorite thing and feeling.

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