Six things insurance agencies should be doing on Google Business Profile to grow their book of business.

Your agency’s marketing strategy may include content, search engine optimization, social media, email automation, and more. All of these tactics are important for growing and retaining your book of business. 

One important yet frequently forgotten marketing tactic is Google Business Profile (GBP). Formerly known as Google My Business, GBP is another way you can get your agency in front of prospects as they search for life and health insurance, group benefits, Medicare, or other products and services you sell. Using your personalized Google Business Profile to manage your online search presence allows you to connect with searchers and give them essential information about your business. 

Let’s explore some best practices you can follow to optimize your Google Business Profile and, in turn, grow your book of business.

The Benefits of Using a Google Business Profile

The vast majority of people use search engines to vet a business, research a product, or learn more about a service before they convert. With 85.55% of market share, Google is the largest, most used search engine, making GBP a prime opportunity to get the most exposure on search. 

With a Business Profile optimized for search, you’re not only able to get your agency in front of more eyes, but you’re also creating a smoother user experience. GBP helps people find important details about your company like your website, peak busy times, contact information, address, and more. You can even add a button to “schedule an appointment” or “request a quote” for easier lead conversion. 

Having a GBP also helps nearby searchers find you. For example, people looking for an “insurance agency in Chicago” will be able to search with Google Maps and then browse through each company’s Business Profile. 

GBP helps ensure your first online impression is a good one. With client reviews, posts, videos, and photos all in one place, a well-managed GBP nudges prospects to convert. Plus, GBP is free to use–so you can start generating more leads with no additional costs.

Six Ways To Optimize Your Google Business Profile 

Once you’ve set up your profile, there are some key elements you will want to include to get the most out of your profile. Here are six Google Business Profile tips: 

1. Add and Continually Update Basic Business Information

Your GBP should include key information like your company’s address, hours of operation (and if you’re closed on certain holidays), business category, business description, and contact information, such as your phone number or email address. Including your website on your profile is also a must.

Bonus: Use keywords in your business description to get your profile higher in search results–this is especially important considering 70.4% of people click on the top five ranking results.

If you offer a combination of in-person and virtual services, you will want to include all relevant service areas. Always keep this information updated if any changes occur. 

2. Post Photos and Videos

Adding photos of your business to your GBP can attract more prospects. In fact, Google says businesses with photos on their profile are more likely to get clicks on their directions and website than businesses that don’t. 

Customers can add their own pictures to your GBP, but you will want to add your own professional, carefully curated photos. When you set up your profile, you will be able to add a cover photo and your logo to maintain brand recognition–but you shouldn’t stop there.

Google recommends adding photos of your building and offices, team, happy customers, and products or services to make the best impression. Avoid stock photography and pictures with special effects, filters, or heavy branding.

3. Respond To Every Client Review

Google is the top website for online reviews, which are critical to your business’ reputation and growth. In fact, 90% of people look at online reviews before even visiting a business, and the majority of people highly trust them. 

Replying to all reviews quickly and consistently is the best way to boost your online reputation and Business Profile. 

Positive reviews can build trust and give prospects peace of mind. Responding to these can help you build relationships with your satisfied clients and show prospective ones that you care. 

Negative reviews are just as, if not more, important to reply to. While 94% of people have been convinced to steer clear of a business because of a bad review, they are much more likely to visit it if they see that negative reviews have been replied to. 

Acknowledging negative reviews gives you a chance to manage your reputation, make things right, and win back that client. Plus, Google users can always go back and edit their reviews, so no negative reviews are forever. 

4. Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Your Business

Under the “Q & A” section of your Business Profile, people can leave questions about your business. Answering these is a great way to optimize your profile for search. For example, if someone searches “Medicare insurance agency” and you’ve answered Medicare-related questions on your GBP, you’re more likely to show up higher in search results and in more searches.

In addition, answering these questions can remove any hesitation prospects may have to convert. 

5. Utilize the Posting Feature 

Along with having your essential business information, you can also add posts to your Business Profile that have a text description and photos or videos. These are great for things like announcements and promoting events or special offers. Make sure your posts are helpful, informative, appropriately branded, and free of grammar and spelling errors. 

After six months, your posts will automatically be archived, so make sure to post regularly or set a specific date range in your page settings to ensure your posts stay live.

6. Allow Direct Messaging 

Google Business Profile’s chat feature allows you to quickly answer customer questions in real time. Enable this feature to communicate directly with your clients. In addition to enabling this feature and following Google’s messaging guidelines, you want to make sure you: 

  • Always respond in a professional and concise way.
  • Reply within a 24-hour time frame–Google requires a 24-hour response time. If you fail to meet this, they may remove it as an option on your profile; however, it can be reactivated.
  • Set up a custom welcome message that thanks your clients for contacting you and asks how you can help.
  • Report and block spam messages rather than ignoring them to keep your inbox spam-free.

How To Prepare Before the Leads Start Pouring In 

Getting your business in front of prospects is only part of the battle. You need to have an organized, centralized location to retain and grow your book of business effectively. The right agency management system (AMS) can help set you up for success. 

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