AgencyBloc's Mission

Our mission is to provide powerful solutions by making the convoluted, straightforward.  We want our technology to transform the organizations that use it.

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Co-Founders, Adam Lewis & Cory Schmidt, talk with Martin Carr, NAHU VP of Communications, about how AgencyBloc came to be.

A great culture attracts great people - and clients...

  • We solve problems for our customers

    We give them amazing tools
    We educate them
    We make them successful
    We make them happy!

  • We give ourselves the autonomy to be awesome

    We trust each other to do what’s right
    We know how to get things DONE
    We will fail...and learn from our mistakes
    We aspire to be better and not settle for mediocrity - EVER

  • We will be transparent

    We don’t believe in middle management
    We care about each other
    We share & invest in each other

  • We are maniacal about success

    We aspire to be the leader of the pack
    We make people say “wow”
    We won’t settle for less. Not as a team. Not individually.