AgencyBloc Integrates with NextGen Leads

November 5, 2015 in Integrations

AgencyBloc + NextGen Leads

What drives us to integrate with another software company? When we know our clients will see significant benefit, we jump at the chance to bring greater efficiency to them within AgencyBloc. That's why we're excited to tell you that we're integrated with NextGen Leads

In a survey we sent out to agency owners, staff/admin and agents, we asked them: "What is your #1 challenge?" The results were as follows:

lead management/prospecting

As you can see, "Lead management/prospecting" was the biggest concern for agencies, so we're incredibly excited to help alleviate some of those pain points with this integration.

Together, AgencyBloc and NextGen Leads aim to simplify the leads acquisition and tracking for insurance agencies. With this integration, agencies will benefit from:

If you're already an AgencyBloc client (you'll also need to be a NextGen Leads client) see the help section to learn more about lead vendor integrations within AgencyBloc and how to start using them.

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Greater Efficiency for Insurance Agents in Lead Generation and Prospect Tracking


AgencyBloc, an agency management system/CRM built specifically for life and health insurance agencies, is now integrated with NextGen Leads, an insurance leads provider. The two companies prioritize user experience and are excited to bring this software integration to the insurance industry.

"Gathering and working leads is a critical aspect of our clients' business. We're excited to offer an easy, streamlined way to transmit NextGen leads directly into AgencyBloc. Working with NextGen Leads was very easy, and we really appreciate their partnership in making this a reality," says Cory Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer at AgencyBloc.

Together, AgencyBloc and NextGen Leads aim to simplify leads acquisition and tracking for insurance agencies. With this integration, agencies will benefit from:

  • The elimination of re-keying information; leads from NextGen Leads are posted directly into your AgencyBloc account

  • A single view of all leads within your AgencyBloc account, regardless of source

  • The ability to immediately create follow-up activities for new leads and/or create email campaigns for new leads within AgencyBloc

  • The ability to track the prospecting process from start to finish

  • In most cases NextGen leads can begin posting to your AgencyBloc account within an hour of sign up

"We see time and again that agents who stay organized and work their leads using a CRM see a lot more success, and so we are very pleased that AgencyBloc, a clear leader in agency management systems, has made it so easy for their customers to work with our leads," said Chris Kelly, CEO of NextGen Leads.

AgencyBloc and NextGen Leads continue to lead the way in providing innovative technology for insurance agents and agencies. Together, the companies provide agencies with a solution to lead acquisition and nurturing leads, all in one. To further understand the integration, see this infographic.

About AgencyBloc: AgencyBloc helps life and health insurance agencies grow their business by organizing and automating their operations using a combination of an industry-specific CRM, commissions processing, and integrated marketing automation. For more information, contact AgencyBloc at 866-338-7075 or

About NextGen Leads: NextGen Leads provides extremely high quality insurance leads, using industry leading technology and transparent pricing to offer a superior lead buying experience to our customers. NextGen offers Exclusive, Shared and Live Transfer leads. For more information, contact NextGen Leads at 800-538-2548 or

AgencyBloc + NextGen Leads

AgencyBloc and NextGen Leads aim to simplify the leads acquisition and tracking process for insurance agencies. Start utilizing your integration in a free trial today!

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