AgencyBloc Halloween!

October 30, 2015 in Life at AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween!

Any chance we get to dress up in weird outfits and laugh at each other all day, we jump at! Last year, we had a team meeting where the Des Moines office and Cedar Falls office got together and dressed up in teams.

Since we couldn't get together this year to dress up as teams, we dressed up individually. Check out some of our costumes:

Adam actually does run marathons. His motto: "Pain now, beer later."

Adam the jogger

Degin went all out. If attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler.

Degin the clown

Gary is both a Halloween enthusiast and an AgencyBloc drinkware enthusiast.

Gary's Costume

Kelsey: "Allow me to introduce myselves..."

Kelsey the emoji

Greg would wear wrinkled clothes if it wasn't four irons.

Greg the golfer

Nobody puts Kellie in a corner!

Kellie the baby

Mike's just horsin' around, per usual.

Mike the horse

We hope you enjoyed taking a peek at some of our costumes, but we know you enjoyed the hilarious puns. Until next year... Happy Halloween!

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