24 Reasons Why "Have Fun at Work Day" is Every Day at AgencyBloc

January 28, 2015 in Life at AgencyBloc

AgencyBloc Selfie

It's Have Fun at Work Day!

Just search #HaveFunAtWorkDay on Twitter, and you'll know what I'm talking about. Lucky for us, there are so many reasons why this day occurs every day here at AgencyBloc. We kinda like it here. Here are 24 reasons we have fun every day at AB:

We have drawing contests. Greg always wins...

Drawing Contest

Like I said.. Greg ALWAYS wins. Sorry, Adam.

Greg wins

We moved into a new office with a giant Bloc on the wall. Thanks, Eric!

Bloc wall

We also have a ping pong table in the new office.

Ping Pong

We play lots & lots of ping pong...


And, we're pretty good!

So good that Ben Jacobson, head coach of UNI men's basketball, signed our table!

Ben Jacobson

We have standing meetings (literally)...

Standing conference

Internal conference calls are fun...

Google Hangouts

And sometimes we say "cheers" to celebrate the small things.

Conference room meetings

And some meetings turn into staring contests. I believe Josh won this one.

staring contest

We have a company fantasy football league. Just so everyone knows, I won...

football league

We go all-out when celebrating holidays...

Halloween costumes

And we love taking group pictures to document it.

Holiday attire

We take selfies, too...


Including selfies after hours enjoying SingleSpeed beers.


Like I said, we enjoy SingleSpeed's beer. Jen especially loves it.

single speed

And Brett enjoys it with flashing green AgencyBloc cubes in his.

team drinks

But, we don't discriminate. We'll try just about any beer. Big Flats: Available at Walgreen's. 

Big Flats

We had Hop Gun IPA in this ice wall in Florida for our BlocParty.

AgencyBloc Taps

We appreciate #ThrowbackThursday.

Throwback ?

We do weird things. Sometimes we wear wigs.


And we let this guy go around the office creeping everyone out.

the head

EVERYONE loves AgencyBloc, as you can see...

babies & the bloc

So now you know why every day is #HaveFunAtWorkDay here at AgencyBloc. If the pictures don't convince you, then take a look at what a few team members said about their thoughts on our company culture.

Don't let "Have Fun at Work Day" be the only day you have fun at work!

party on

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