The #abtweetathon

August 19, 2014 in Life at AgencyBloc

AB Tweetathon

Sometimes our team does some pretty spur-of-the-moment things—actually, we do that a lot. After all, those are often times the best ideas! So last week, we decided to start a Twitter frenzy. We had a Tweetathon and created our own hashtag: #abtweetathon. The idea was to get our entire team involved—communicating, collaborating & having fun at work. 

Here are a few of the tweets from our team throughout the day:

Headphones, sunglasses, chapstick—what else do you need a water bottle to hold?

Oh... and water.

Spinutech vs. AgencyBloc ping pong anyone?

Yes, Josh—you are a nerd.

Greg can also be classified as a nerd.

We love when our clients share their love for AgencyBloc!

Josh was loving the insanity!

However, Mike's inbox really took a beating from this "blowing up".

This is just a handful of the tweets that went out that day from our team. We had a lot of fun, but that wasn't all we got out of it. Our tweets were favorited and retweeted by numerous Tweeters outside our team, and we had a 4.7% increase in followers after the #abtweetathon. Our tweeting was so contagious, our newest team member, Gary, just had to sign up for Twitter. Follow @beingGaryMarr  and welcome him to the Twitter community!

As Josh put it:

"We used social media to draw attention to who we are and what we do. Erica was most excited that we (as a group) were talking together—hey, a team builder! When we talk like this in public, people “overhear” our conversation and begin to ask questions. Just like if we were having the same conversation in a coffee shop or on the street." 

Social media, like Twitter, isn't only a fun way to communicate, but it's a way for your team to collaborate. When our whole team is sharing our own ideas (tweeting what we were working on that day) and sharing each others' ideas (retweeting), we re-energized our efforts towards those goals and got excited about them all over again. Not to mention, we got our followers excited. 

Don't miss out on other awesome tweets from us!

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