What Makes a Great Work Culture For You? Hear From Josh!

August 22, 2014 in Life at AgencyBloc

Josh's Interview

This week, Josh lets us in on his thoughts and feelings about work culture. Josh is the mastermind who helps make AgencyBloc super easy for our clients to use. He jumps into the minds of users and finds ways to make our system the user-friendly, yet visually-appealing system it is today. Here's what Josh has to say about company culture:

When I say culture, what do you think of?

Honestly? I picture of a group of people hidden deep within the Amazon Rainforest, isolated from the outside world, guided by age old tradition and led by a tyrannical, yet revered leader—adorned in plumage of every type. At the center of their culture would be some mystical secret or undiscovered natural wonder, capable of untold chaos and destruction, if not fed its yearly allotment of unwitting tribe members.

What does a company’s work culture entail?

(see next)

What does a good work culture mean to you?

Come to think of it, a good work culture is basically the opposite of what I described in my first answer. Culture does not thrive in a vacuum; culture does not grow under repression or the threat of catastrophe. A positive work culture has the freedom to grow, make mistakes, ask questions and ultimately get things done—because it’s fun and rewarding to do so.  

What is your favorite thing about going to work?

My favorite thing about AgencyBloc is how I’m able to tackle real and difficult problems for our clients. The insurance industry is not often known for its ease of use, and honestly, I can see why—it’s complicated!  My mission is to simplify the complexity with visual systems and learn how our clients use AgencyBloc to find ways to improve their experience. It’s what I love to do.

What is the most memorable moment thus far that has happened at AB?

The most memorable moment at AgencyBloc? It’s difficult to answer with just one … but since you asked—Adam and I had a staring contest over video conference the other day. It was pretty intense!

staring contest AgencyBloc style

Other comments?

I am fortunate to have been a witness to the evolution of AgencyBloc from an idea and wireframes to what it is today. It’s fun to look back and see how the software and company have grown over the years. At no other time have I been as excited about the direction of AgencyBloc!

So, what do you think?

What do you think makes a great work culture? What makes you like coming to work every day? Let us know in the comments!

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