AgencyBloc's Top 4 Product Enhancements of 2016

By Kelsey Rosauer on December 8, 2016 in Product Updates

AgencyBloc's Top 4 Product Enhancements of 2016

Our Year in Review…

Our mission statement reads:

Our mission is to provide powerful solutions by making the convoluted, straightforward.  We want our technology to transform the organizations that use it.

Our ultimate goal is to provide technology that not only alleviates pain points for our clients but is also easy (and fun!) to use.

Through market research and industry knowledge from members of our team, we begin to decide what enhancements or additions should be made to AgencyBloc. We also utilize surveys a lot. We never want to assume we know what features our clients care about, so we use surveys to learn about needs we may not be aware of, or to confirm thoughts we have about features to develop.

These surveys provided insight for four of the main enhancements brought to AgencyBloc this year: Dashboard Analytics, Projecting Commissions, Employee Navigator integration, and Automated Workflow.

Dashboard Analytics

Dashboard Analytics provides agents, agency owners and staff members a way to visualize their existing data in a way that facilitates smarter business decisions.

AgencyBloc Dashboard Analytics

The graphs and charts present data in a quick-to-digest way to encourage continuous monitoring as opposed to manually running reports or filtering through data. Using this data, users are able to be proactive and make informed business decisions.

“Informed decision making is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built. As a decision maker for your business, you need access to highly visual business intelligence tools that can help you make the right decisions quickly.”
—Rebeckah Blewett, Product Manager, Dundas Data Visualization

AgencyBloc users are also able to build their own Personal Dashboard including these analytical graphs, charts, and saved searches that they “star” to place on their Personal Dashboard. These starred items are front and center on their dashboard each time they login.

Up to this point, these graphs and charts are the top 5 AgencyBloc users have “starred” most to include on their dashboard:

  • My Completed Activities - By Week
  • Open Activities - By Status
  • All In-Force Policies - By Coverage Type
  • Top Commissions Received - By Agent
  • Top Commissions Received - By Carrier

Dashboard Analytics and the ability to create their own Personal Dashboard has brought useful insight and actionable data to the fingertips of users.

Read more about AgencyBloc's Dashboard Analytics and Personal Dashboards.

Projecting Commissions

This March, we were excited to announce an enhancement to our commissions module. Beyond processing, tracking and finding missed commissions, agencies are now projecting commissions and viewing actual vs. projected commissions in AgencyBloc.

In any industry, monitoring where your business currently is and where it’s headed is imperative. If you want to be a genuinely proactive business, you need to look continually at the revenue you have coming in now and your expectations for revenue in the future. For insurance agencies, this is done by projecting commissions.

Projecting Commissions in AgencyBloc

With the ability to project commissions, AgencyBloc users now get an entire picture of their commissions with greater insight into the commission they’re receiving compared to what they expected. With this information, they can make informed decisions about hiring more staff, expanding their client base, deciding which products to sell, identifying new sales opportunities, and finding missed or inaccurate commissions.

Read more about Projecting Commissions in AgencyBloc.

Employee Navigator Integration

This May, we announced our integration with Employee Navigator. Employee Navigator is a benefits, HR, and compliance software provider. The goal of this integration was to create greater efficiency for insurance agencies and HR professionals in benefits enrollment, policy management, and commissions processing.

AgencyBloc and Employee Navigator integration

Adam Lewis, President of AgencyBloc, said of the integration:

“This partnership offers another way for agencies to maintain their competitive advantage by maximizing efficiencies. Moving group and policy information automatically from Employee Navigator to AgencyBloc will save time, prevent data-entry errors and allow users to stay focused on servicing clients and managing the agency.”

With this integration in place, agencies have been enrolling clients via Employee Navigator, and all of the record details on those people sync directly into AgencyBloc. The integration has greatly decreased the need for manual entry, saving time and providing convenience.

Read more about the Employee Navigator/AgencyBloc Integration.

Automated Workflow

Possibly our largest, most involved release this year was Automated Workflow in September. The insurance industry has been increasingly interested in ways to automate some of the repetitive tasks they’re spending too much time on manually, like following up with leads and being proactive on policy renewals.

With Automated Workflow, agencies are able to transition from manual processes that are inefficient to automated processes that keep people on track and prevent important activities from falling through the cracks.

AgencyBloc Automated Workflow

To put it briefly, an automated workflow is a series of tasks created automatically when a specific event occurs. Tasks can be emails to prospects, activities assigned to agents, and much more. These automated workflows are built by users based on templates provided by AgencyBloc or from scratch.

AgencyBloc Group Policy Renewal Automated Workflow

AgencyBloc Group Policy Renewal Automated Workflow Actions

Clients, like Ken B., Owner/Agent of Senior HealthCare Solutions, have said things like:

"Workflow automation is an essential part of our agency’s success. By having the proper workflows in place, not only does it save my administration and agents time, but it also helps us in staying in front of our clients with email automation, policy retention and much more.”

Read more about AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow.

Looking Forward to 2017

This year has been an exciting time of bringing enhancements to users, and we’re looking forward to gathering more feedback to provide even more value in 2017.

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