5 Selling Tips from Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec

5 Selling Tips from Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec

Learning from the SharkRobert Herjavec, ABC's Shark Tank

You may have heard of Robert Herjavec, bestselling author, mega-investor, and one of the star sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. He’s regarded as a very savvy businessman and, if you’ve ever watched the show, never hesitates to give sales advice to the various presenters. 

Recently, he wrote a blog called My 5 Essential Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone.  You’ve maybe heard these pointers before, but a refresher is always good to ensure you’re on top of your selling game. 

The first thing you’re selling is yourself.
Remember, 52% of insurance consumers describe themselves as relationship buyers. If a prospect doesn’t like you, then the likelihood of closing is pretty small. Know what you’re selling, why you’re selling it, and, simply, “be the salesperson you’d want to buy something from.”
Listen more than you talk.
The best salespeople are also some of the best listeners; “they pay attention to the clients’ needs from the start and present accordingly.” If you word-vomit your entire pitch for 20-minutes, you’ll be left with a blinking, half-dazed prospect that will go running for the hills. But listening is a hard skill to master—check out this blog to learn how you can improve your listening: Insurance Agents: Are you REALLY listening?
Know who to sell to.
"A common mistake salespeople make is trying to sell to anyone and everyone. Make sure whatever you’re selling fulfills your potential client’s needs and is realistic for them.” Ensure the leads you are nurturing are the ones you should be focusing on—otherwise, you’re just wasting your time and theirs.
Understand what motivates the other side.
Knowing who your prospect is and why they’re seeing you is crucial to the sales process. “Pay attention to what’s driving your potential client to take your meeting in the first place and address that in your pitch.” Whether it be unhappiness with their current agent, need for additional coverage not provided by their agent, or just looking around, make sure you know why they are there.
Keep it simple.
Insurance coverage is complicated enough for your prospects. Make sure whatever sales approach you take, it is riddled with laymen’s terms and descriptive language. As Robert says, “The mark of true knowledge in anything is how well you can explain to the average person.” 

Learning is Growing

Never let your sales techniques become stagnant. Keep learning and growing and refreshing your techniques so that you’re always striving to be the best. There’s something to say for those age-old techniques that have always worked, but make sure they’re infused with updated tactics or renovated language so they don’t feel stale. 

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By Allison Babberl on June 27, 2017 in Selling

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